Buying a roof-mounted bicycle rack is a misguided endeavor many people make when deciding how to haul their bicycles around. It’s not their fault – most of them have never had the chance to see the benefits of a hitch-mounted bicycle rack, and more importantly, the misfortune that commonly befalls owners of roof-mounted bicycle racks.

Here is what will most likely happen to you should you choose to tote your bikes around with a roof-mounted bicycle rack:

Low clearance sign
See this low clearance sign? What it really says to you is, “You cannot have a cheeseburger, coffee or park here if you have a roof-mounted bicycle rack. Please don’t make me hurt your bicycles and vehicle.”  
Yakima Holdup
Hitch-mounted bicycle racks don’t inhibit your ability to enjoy a drive thru of any kind! The Yakima Holdup allows your bikes to mount as low as possible. 

If you like the sound of tone-deaf whistling, consider a roof-mounted bike rack. They’re notorious for whistling as you travel at high speeds. 
Yakima FullSwing
Hitch-mounted bicycle racks don’t whistle, but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun!  The Yakima Fullswing  features a built-in bottle opener. 

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere, or just being stranded in general is much more likely with a roof-mounted bike rack.  The reason for this is that their ability to whistle like a banshee is derived from drastically impacting the aerodynamics of your vehicle.  That translates to significantly diminished fuel economy.  

Hitch-mounted bike racks save you money by not stealing it from your gas tank!  
If this man looks like you, a roof-mounted bike rack might provide great opportunities to show off your freakish strength.  Loading your bikes atop your car requires a great deal of excursion, balance and overall control of a very awkward endeavor.  That’s not to mention the possibility of dropping your bikes on your car’s paint or yourself. 
Hitch-mounted bike racks load with ease!  The Thule Helium Aero is made of ultra-lightweight aluminum and is nearly half the weight of most hitch racks. 

Take a look at our complete line of Yakima bike racks and Thule bike racks here.
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