If your trailer breaks down on you the cause is most likely trailer wheel bearing failure – the most common cause of trailer breakdown and trailer accidents. 

To avoid being stranded on the side of the road or being involved in a serious collision, knowing when you’re in need of a trailer bearing repack is the first step to staying safe while towing. 

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Here are the top ways to prevent trailer wheel bearing failure: 

1.  Listen

Trailer wheel bearings will let you know if they are in need of a repack service by making strange and unnatural noises. Scratching, grating and whining noises coming from your trailer during travel means your trailer is begging for more grease to be put into its bearings.  Listen!  If these noises occur it means that a bearing repack service is long past due and should be addressed immediately. You can also tell that bearings need inspected and re-packed if your wheels feel hot to the touch or smoke starts to escape the hub system.

Failure to do so can cause your trailer wheels to bind, seize and break off completely.

2.  Don’t travel immediately after prolonged storage 

When your trailer sits in storage for prolonged periods as most trailers do between travel seasons, moisture has the opportunity to get into the wheel bearings and break down your wheel bearing packs.  These issues are particularly dangerous for boat trailers that are continually dunked in water where moisture is much more likely to make its way into the wheel bearing housing.

Torklift Central and all trailer axle manufacturers recommend performing a wheel bearing repack service at a minimum annually.  Doing this ensures that your wheel bearings are fit for travel before hitting the road.

3.  Perform semi-annual trailer safety inspections 

For trailers that are used extensively, such as professional landscaping trailers or travel trailers used for multiple long trips, performing semi-annual safety inspections is necessary to ensure your wheel bearings are packed sufficiently. 

If your trailer is used extensively, be sure to perform semi-annual inspections of the wheel bearings and entire trailer. A wheel bearing inspection at Torklift Central includes a 10-point trailer safety inspection.

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