Getting ready to dinghy tow?  Before you Get Out And Go on your next big trip it’s important to take the time to make sure your towable is properly equipped for safe travel.  Doing so helps you head down the road with peace of mind and the ability to enjoy your travels without worry. 

Here is a checklist to perform on your towable before each dinghy-towing trip:


Make sure your towable is outfitted with necessary dinghy tow accessories

Remco transmission lube pump

Many vehicles require special dinghy tow accessories such as transmission lube pumps and driveline disconnects to be dinghy towed safely.  Certain front wheel drive vehicles may require the front wheels are carried atop a tow dolly to be dinghy towed.  It may be the case that your vehicle is not dinghy towable under any circumstances. 

Always consult your vehicle owner’s manual to see if your car is dinghy towable and what accessories and/or procedures are necessary to dinghy tow safely.  A great resource for this research is Torklift Central’s Towing app that includes dinghy tow ratings for vehicles 2002 – present.


Research auxiliary braking laws

SMI Air Force One

In many states the law requires auxiliary braking systems.  Neglecting to have an auxiliary braking system installed on your towed vehicle in these states is dangerous and illegal.  Torklift Central strongly recommends installing an auxiliary braking system on your towable wherever you travel to ensure your dinghy tow rig is able to brake safely in both normal and emergency situations.  

Take a look at auxiliary braking systems from SMI here.

Inspect your tow bar for a secure connection

Roadmaster tow bar with non-binding technology

Before traveling, check your tow bar to make sure the connection points are secure.  Any loose bolts, nuts or other hardware need to be tightened.  Also make a point to connect and disconnect your car from your motorhome several times.  Doing this helps you notice any binding issues that would otherwise occur after you hit the road.  Tow bars such as the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain are equipped with non-binding technology and should always engage and disengage easily from your car with the flip of a lever.

Inspect your dinghy tow lighting system

Have a friend or family member stand behind your towable while you test the towable’s brakes signals, turn signals and any other lights the rig is equipped with. 

Take a trip around the block

It’s always smart to take your dinghy tow rig for a quick trip around your home at low speeds to make sure the entire setup is functioning properly.  Pay close attention to unnatural noises, vibrations and pushing and pulling sensations in the driving experience of the coach. 

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