Do you need trailer repair?

Your trailer is a relatively simple tool compared to your tow vehicle, but it does share a number of crucial maintenance needs that are necessary for safe travel.  If you haven’t taken a good look at your trailer brakes, trailer tires or trailer axle alignment this travel season, read on.  Now is the time to make sure your trailer is safe to head down the road. 

Here are tips to see if your trailer brakes, tires and alignment need some work:


Tire tread test 

The ol' penny test

Your trailer’s tires are literally where the rubber meets the road for all of your trailer trips.  Having a trailer tire go flat, or worse, blow out is an incredibly dangerous proposition when hauling a load with a trailer and can literally rip apart your trailer costing thousands in damage as the tire tread turns into a high speed shrapnel throwing trailer eating blender.  Luckily a few simple safety checks can determine if your trailer tires are up to snuff. 

If your trailer tires show cracks in the sidewalls of any kind, that is a definite warning sign that tire blowout is possible in the near future.  Always replace tires that are cracking in the sidewalls or have any significant sidewall damage.

Checking the tread of your trailer tires can be determined by the old penny test:  Insert a penny into your tire’s tread groove with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you.  If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, your tread depth is less than 2/32 of an inch and you need new tires. 

Listen to your trailer brakes 

Trailer disc brake

If your trailer is equipped with its own brakes, making sure they function properly is extremely important.  Faulty trailer brakes can drastically increase your stopping distance, reduce your steering stability and cause deadly accidents.  If your trailer feels as though it’s “pushing” your tow vehicle during braking or pulling to one side or the other, or makes any sort of unnatural grating, whining or squeaking noises, trailer brake repair should be performed immediately.

Trailer axle alignment

Improper trailer axle alignment can cause unnatural and premature tire wear, send dangerous shimmying and vibrations through your entire tow rig, be a significant contributing factor in trailer sway and cause serious instability issues during travel.  If your trailer’s axle or axles are not properly aligned it can cause damage to nearly every aspect of your trailer. 

When your trailer, sways, shimmies, vibrates or shows signs of unnatural tire wear, you should always check to see if trailer axle alignment is necessary. 

Torklift Central diagnoses issues with your trailer’s brakes, alignment and tires as part of our complementary 10-point trailer safety inspection, with any scheduled service.  

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