If you use your trailer on a regular basis, or even if you don’t, certain parts of it will eventually break, wear down and need to be repaired or placed.  Here are three things you can expect to go wrong with your trailer and how Torklift Central can correct them:

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Wheel bearings 

Avoid trailer wheel bearing failure

Your trailer wheel bearings rely on grease to help the wheels turn without generating excessive friction and thus heat that can cause costly roadside breakdowns from trailer wheel bearing failure.  Regular use of your trailer causes the grease in your wheel bearings to wear down.  Conversely, when your trailer sits for long periods of time between uses, moisture is able to enter the wheel bearing housings, which also breaks down the grease.

Trailer wheel bearing failure is the number one cause of trailer breakdown.   

Point being, no matter how often you use your trailer, a trailer wheel bearing repack service is recommended by Torklift Central and every trailer manufacturer at least annually to avoid trailer wheel bearing failure.

What’s one common way your bearings rust?  Just go down to your local boat launch. Salt water rusts everything eventually.

It should be obvious when you’re in need of trailer brake repair or trailer brake replacement.  If your trailer gives you the feeling it’s “pushing” your tow vehicle during braking, or makes any unnatural whining or grating noises, it’s very likely your trailer brakes need to be inspected to see if they are safe for travel.

Whether you have electric trailer brakes or hydraulic trailer brakes, Torklift Central can repair or replace them.

Frame and coupler 

Over time the metal components of your trailer are increasingly susceptible to rust and corrosion.  This issue is especially troublesome and accelerated on boat trailers that are continually exposed to moisture when they are dunked in water.  If your trailer coupler, trailer frame or any other metal components of your trailer show signs of significant rust, trailer frame repair and trailer coupler repair should be performed immediately.

Torklift Central specializes in custom trailer rust repair, trailer coupler repair and trailer coupler replacement. 

Before you Get Out And Go with your trailer, stop by Torklift Central for a complete 10-point trailer safety inspection.  We can get you on the road with peace of mind this travel season and any time of year.

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