Have fun hunting this season

Truck campers, much like firearms, come in many different sizes. But like firearms, you can get all the bells and whistles to make your truck camper unique to you and your tastes. Common sense requires a compromise based on how much cargo you want to haul and how much weight you want to tow. We want you to be safe when towing this hunting season, but there are many products that are out there that can not only allow you to tow larger amounts of weight, but also make sure that you’re safe and looking cool while doing it.

Don't forget to bring all your hunting toys

Considered a favorite among hunters, a truck camper is great for your next outdoor hunting trip. It can be hauled over rough terrain and steep grades, then offloaded at a campsite and left behind as you go scout your next hunting ground. But why go for a normal boring truck camper when you can accessorize the camper to fit your needs.

Below are some ways to make truck camper towing and hauling easier as well as some ideas of some trimmings that you can indulge yourself on this hunting season.

New truck accessories are the best

The FastGun Wobble Stopper in action

Sometimes prepping for a hunting trip can be as fun as actually being on the trip, especially when you get to buy all new accessories for your truck camper. One of more fun and interesting fixtures you can get for your truck camper is the FastGun Wobble Stopper by Torklift International. Just like the title states, it stops the wobble in your truck camper when it is off loaded so now you can rest and relax easy while you are on your hunting trip. The FastGun Wobble Stopper has a lot of other cool features as well including theft prevention, an easy to use design and reduces camper jack and frame stress.

Don’t overweigh

SuperHitch Magnum: 3,000 tongue and 30,000 towing*

On average, there’s a large number of truck campers that tow loads that exceed the recommended capacity of their tires and hitches. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common problems that is not only a danger to everyone one the road, but to yourself too. The safest way to tow is to make sure you check your gross vehicle weight (GVW) to see how much tongue and towing weight your truck can do.

It’s also good to make sure that you have an incredibly strong hitch that can help you get from point-A to point-B such as the SuperHitch. This hitch is designed to handle the highest towing capacities of today’s ½ ton, ¾ ton, 1 ton and 1 ½ ton trucks with a tongue weight anywhere from 1,500 pounds to 3,000 pounds and 15,000 to 30,000 pounds towing capacity.* With the SuperHitch, your towing load isn’t going anywhere and helps you prevent towing system failure from inadequate tongue weight.
*When used with weight distribution system. 

All the bells and whistles

The GlowStep... the perfect splurge

Everyone loves to spoil themselves, so why not spoil yourself for not only this hunting season, but for all other truck camping and hunting trips you go on in the future? Do you get an uneasy feeling when you go down your truck camper steps? Well, for easy entrance and exit into your truck camper it’s a good idea to consider the GlowStep step system. With the ability to glow in the dark for up to 10 hours with just a few minutes of light, the GlowStep also can also attach to the All Terrain Landing gear that connects the steps to the ground, making you feel more safe when coming and going. Even more exciting, there are other attachments that you can get with it including the GlowGuide Handrail, SafeStep barriers and a DirtDestroyer that cleans off your shoes after a long day of hunting.

Before you know it hunting season will be upon us and now is the time to start planning the perfect hunting retreat in your truck camper. You’ll want to make sure that your camper is equipped with all of the essentials to make your trip comfy, as well as ready to tow all of your trophies home.

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