The Model S is the safest, maybe one of the quickest, and most capable sedan in history. Designed as a family car without compromising on style, you don’t want to be pulled over, with a vehicle full of people, for not having a license plate installed. Not only does it put a damper on the trip, but it also wastes the time you could be spending at your destination.

Don't get pulled over for not having a front license plate!

Janet wanted to avoid this situation, so instead she found an alternative to getting pulled over for not having a front license plate:

“I looked at a bunch of options for installing the required front plate on my Model S without having to drill any holes <shudder> or worry about the reliability of magnets. This is, by far, the best option I found. It's quite ingenious… I got it figured out and done in under 20 minutes. The result is sturdy and great-looking - or as close to great-looking as a front plate can be.”

-Janet M.

Streamline your next adventure and don't chance getting pulled over!

Instead of taking a risk of getting pulled over every time you drive, The Law license plate bracket for Model S helps you avoid up to $200 in fines in states where license plates are required to be displayed on the front of your vehicle.

Tesla gives you the option to avoid installing a front license plate or allows you to drill three holes into the nose cone. Not only does this permanently modify the body of your vehicle, it can also reduce the resale value of the car.


The Law is designed to attach to very sturdy portions of the front grill, so I don't fear any damage to the car, and it doesn't seem to interfere with any autopilot sensors. If Texas ever joins all its neighboring states in no longer requiring the front plate, I can easily remove this bracket and my car will be none the worse for wear.”

-Janet M.

Mountable in the factory honeycomb grill of your pre-refresh or refresh Model S, The Law can be positioned on whichever side of your vehicle you choose. Whether you’re looking to add a stylistic touch to your Model S, or just need to display your front plate long enough to get to your next adventure, The Law has you covered.


There are two different versions of The Law available depending on which kind Model S Tesla you have: 2012-2016 pre-refresh Model S or 2016-current refresh Model S, demonstrated in the photo below.

Applications Include for the Pre-Refresh Model S Include:
Part Number: X7283

  • 2012 Tesla Model S
  • 2013 Tesla Model S
  • 2014 Tesla Model S
  • 2015 Tesla Model S
  • 2016 Tesla Model S Pre-refresh

Applications Include for the Refresh Model S Include:
Part Number: XA1003

  • 2016 Tesla Model S Refresh
  • 2017 Tesla Model S Refresh



There are 31 states that require a front license plate to be displayed on your vehicle. Take a look at the map below. If you live in a state that is green, a front license plate is necessary for your vehicle.



Model S Law Features Include:

  • Auto Pilot Compatible
  • No Drilling. Eliminate permanent holes in your front bumper, 100% bolt on application and no modification to the vehicle required

    Don't drill into your Model S!

  • Easy to Install. Installs in minutes
  • No rust, no corrosion and show quality. Hand crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum and comes with stainless steel hardware. High impact powder coat makes it durable for any weather condition
  • Lifetime Warranty

To learn more about The Law license plate bracket for Model S, give us a call at 877-343-6933, or visit The Law license plate bracket page. Let us help you start your journey with The Law on your side today.

Get Out and Go with The Law!


*Note: designed for no-touch car wash only



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Written by Kerstin Stokes:

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