Yep - the Tesla Model Y is rated to tow which is really exciting except for the part where it wasn’t immediately clear you could order this option from the factory. Some Tesla Model Y owners who ordered their car from the factory, later called Tesla to add the hitch - but found out they were unable to do so because their vehicle was already in production.

Yet there are others who are floored at the $1,000 price tag. We’ve got a better solution for you and will explain just why you want the EcoHitch to be your trailer hitch for your Tesla Model Y

Reason #1 - 45 years of experience

Torklift Central EcoHitch has been crafting and fabricating trailer hitches for 45 years with tens of thousands of them on the road today. The very first EcoHitch for Tesla debuted in 2012 for the Tesla Roadster. We also offer a Legendary Lifetime Warranty on our EcoHitch.

Reason #2 - Towing ratings without fabric support straps

Our Tesla Model Y tow hitch is designed to be strong enough to tow up to 3,500lbs with a tongue weight of 350lbs - without the use of support straps. Support straps are fabric straps that extend from the hitch and over the truck for added support - but they are typically not very aesthetically appealing. These are not required with the Tesla Model Y EcoHitch.

Reason #3 - Tow hitch over a roof rack

You can get a roof rack for $450 from the factory on your Tesla Model Y but there are disadvantages. You would be required to lift your bicycles up onto the roof rack along with any other cargo and that can be pretty strenuous on the back. Plus some of us are not tall enough - like me. I stand as tall as I can at 5’4” so I know I can’t do it. Plus I would probably forget about the cargo on my roof until I crashed into my open garage door - breaking your own back window in front of your neighbors is one heck of a way to be remembered.

Reason #4 - A tow hitch equals more options

The Tesla Model Y trailer hitch by EcoHitch is the most universal option. It comes with a 2” receiver which will fit all common accessories from bike racks to cargo trays. What that means is you don’t have to use a hitch adapter to try and insert your 2” racks and trays into a 1.25” receiver opening (which is what the factory Tesla Y receiver is expected to be) because it results in a loud and consistent rattling noise you do not want to hear.

Reason #5 - Simple DIY installation process

We’ve carefully designed our EcoHitch line to be a user-friendly DIY design. An installation video is coming soon here on April 20, 2020 to show you just how simple it is. Our hitches are design to be no-drill - simply remove the bumper and bolt it on.


We love that Tesla offers the Model Y and are grateful for the opportunity to design another no-drill EcoHitch fitment for the Tesla family. One more thing - for a limited time, you can get the Tesla Model Y tow hitch at a specially discounted rate while it is on pre-sale. Don’t delay - this offer won’t last long!

One last thing!

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