Just imagine, you’re zooming through the Pacific Northwest in your brand-new Tesla Model 3. Watching the trees go by, autopilot engaged, and breathing in the fresh mountain air. You think to yourself, “How much better could it get? Lost in a daydream.” But then, a shadow falls over you. What could possibly pull you out of this wonderful feeling? Being pulled over? YES! “But what for?” you ask? Well, you’re required to have a front license plate on your vehicle by law in a slew of states. You sink back in your seat again and release a sigh of relief, because you’ve already installed The Law license plate bracket.

The Law license plate holder: the no drill, removable license plate holder, specifically designed for your Tesla Model 3.

Does Tesla need front license plate?

The Tesla Model 3 is touted for its high-tech parking, proximity sensors and Auto Pilot technology. Don’t install products that would interfere with these perks. Our Law removable front license plate bracket is fully compatible with Tesla’s Auto Pilot functionality on all Model 3 vehicles. Thirty-one states require front license plates, and because the Tesla Model 3 does not come with the front plate mount installed, drivers commonly overlook it. If you're not comfortable drilling into your vehicle, Torklift has a solution that does not require drilling, it’s fast and easy to install, and completely made in the USA. Avoid an up to $200 fine in states where front license plates are required to be displayed on your Tesla.

Not sure if you are required to have a front license plate? Check out the map below.

How do you install a front license plate on a Tesla Model 3?

With just 4 easy steps, your car will be street legal and get away like a bandit! No drilling required. Slip the Grill bracket into the bottom louver, align the back of the License Plate Bracket with the Spacer Plates and the Grill Bracket and bolt together, and lastly, attach your license plate to the bracket. It’s so easy a Sasquatch could do it!

So, what do you do? I think it's obvious. Be safe. Drive safe. Drive legal. And most importantly, don’t get a pricey ticket!

Written by Jenna R:
She’s not your average cat lady. Jenna is a super mom who lifts heavy in the gym and lives off coffee. Not in the gym or writing blogs? You’ll most likely find her out on a hike to find waterfalls and Sasquatch.