Once you’ve had your Torklift camper tie downs installed and accompanied them with spring-loaded camper turnbuckles, it is extremely important to adjust your turnbuckles to be sure they are tensioned properly. Tensioning your Torklift turnbuckles correctly will ensure that your camper anchor points will remain intact and extend the life of your products.

What is the proper tension for spring-loaded turnbuckles? 

Most camper manufactures recommend spring-loaded turnbuckles to be tensioned at 300 ft/lbs to establish an appropriate connection between your Torklift TRUE-Frame mounted tie downs and the truck camper anchor points. You can easily adjust any style of Torklift turnbuckles to be tensioned properly but the easiest way to be sure of the tension is to use a turnbuckle with our spring tension indicator. This can be found with our Original FastGuns and our Spring-Loaded XLs.

Installing Original FastGun turnbuckles

The best-selling Torklift FastGun turnbuckles are definitely the go-to when it comes to ease of installation and usability. To install the Original FastGun turnbuckles and adjust them to the correct tension, just follow these simple steps: 

  1. With the handle closed, hang the FastGun truck camper turnbuckle from the camper anchor point position, adjust the threaded hook bolt so that the bottom is about 1/2” above the tie down insert
  2. Open the handle of the FastGun and hook the bottom hook to the tie down anchor point 
  3. Adjust the spring tension indicator so that it is against the body of the FastGun 
  4. Close the FastGun handle. Once this is done, the round O-ring should be spaced approximately ¼” below the body of the FastGun turnbuckle.
  5. Spin the threaded hook bolt clockwise to adjust the tension if it is too tight or too loose. 

Since there is now a ¼” of space between the rubber O-ring and the FastGun turnbuckle body, this is your indication that it is tensioned at 300 ft/lbs.

Installing SpringLoad XL turnbuckles 

Next up is the installation of the SpringLoad XL turnbuckles. This style of turnbuckle does not include the quick-disconnect handle, but is still extremely user-friendly! To install the SpringLoad XLs and ensure proper tension, follow these steps: 

  1. Attach the threaded hook bolt to your tie down anchor point
  2. Hook the top swivel hook end of the turnbuckle to the camper anchor point
  3. Hand-tighten the SpringLoad XL until the slack is removed from the system but with no tension. 
  4. Adjust the o-ring down until it is sitting flush with the body of the SpringLoad XL.
  5. Hand tighten the o-ring until it is about ¼” away from the body of the turnbuckle. 
  6. Tighten the bottom nut and installation is complete!

The spring tension indicator will indicate that the turnbuckle is properly adjusted at 300 ft/lbs. If you already have the SpringLoad XL turnbuckles and you are interested in adding the quick release handle, take a look at our Derringer Handles.

Installing the Basic SpringLoad Kit

Our Basic SpringLoad Kit is designed for those who don’t typically off-load their camper from their truck. To install this kit, follow these steps: 

  1. Bolt the spring-loaded canister to the tie down bullet plate
  2. Attach quick link to the 1/4" grade 43 chain and close quick link
  3. Be sure to tighten the nut and quick link with a wrench
  4. using hook to hook turnbuckle
  5. Attach turnbuckle to the chain and to the camper anchor point
  6. Hand tighten turnbuckle and tighten the nuts to secure it
  7. To be sure the tension is set correctly, make sure the spring-loaded eyelet is sitting 1/8” away from the turnbuckle body

Additional questions?

To see a full video demonstrations on how to install and adjust our Torklift spring-loaded turnbuckles, check out this video
If you have any additional questions about installation or want to know more information about which turnbuckle is right for you, send an email to us at [email protected] or give us a phone call at 800-246-8132. Our operating hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5pm PST.

Written by Kayla M:
Kayla has been apart of the Torklift Family since 2017 and has continued to grow her knowledge and love for the camping industry. When she is not at work, you can find her spending time with her husband and her Mini Australian Shepherd, Dixie.