Thirty-one states require front license plates, and because the Nissan Pathfinder does not come with the front plate mount installed, drivers commonly overlook it. If you're not comfortable drilling into your vehicle, Torklift has a solution that does not require drilling, it’s fast and easy to install, and completely made in the USA. Avoid an up to $200 fine in states where front license plates are required to be displayed on your Nissan.

How do you install a front license plate on a Nissan Pathfinder?

It is a fairly straight forward process to get this on your vehicle.

Step 1: Remove the factory bracket and the license plate

Step 2: Place both clamp assemblies underneath the front grille and locate the threaded portion

Step 3: After applying the supplied Trim Lock, place the main plate assembly below the clamp assemblies with the hardware.

Step 4: Align the holes on your license plate with the assembly and attach the hardware.

Installation complete! Nice and easy with only 4 steps taken, which will help you avoid any fines in case you aren’t familiar with the state laws.