We love your truck.  There.  We said it.  In the spirit of Cupid we’ve been writing heart-felt Valentines inviting our friends to Get Hitched this Valentine’s Day at Torklift Central.  Because we ‘re in the mood, we took the time to personalize one of these love letters to someone we care deeply about:  Your truck.

Dear Truck,
How many ways does Torklift Central love you?  Let us count the ways.
We think your bed is beautiful just the way it is.  That’s why we’re proud to carry Pullrite’s new line of Industry Standard Rail (ISR) 5th wheel hitches.  They’re manufactured with the ability to pin directly into the existing base rails of your truck – no extra drilling is required.  From long–bed to short-bed, Pullrite to B&W, we only offer market-leading 5thwheel hitches made in the U.S.A. 
For as resilient as you are, we would never ask you to haul a truck camper without first spending quality time beefing up your suspension.  We always recommend considering StableLoads to preload your factory overload leaf springs as a cost-effective alternative to a full airbag system.  If an airbag system is the better option, we’ve got your covered there too with Ride Rite air bags.
Your safety is our first priority.  Controlling side-to-side sway and maintaining even weight distribution is crucial to proper trailering.  With weight distribution systems from Equalizer and EazLift you can focus on the road ahead.  Don’t assume your trailer is under control – let our expert technicians make sure of it. 
Honestly truck; we could fill a romance novel explaining all the ways Torklift Central can help you live up to your reputation as a mean hauling machine.  Instead, we’re inviting you to Get Hitched this Valentine’s Day at Torklift Central. 
Save the dates:  February 10th-14th, any member of our free Honor Roll Program that makes an in-store purchase of $200 or more will earn $10 off their next purchase. 
Why?  Because you earned it (and we kind of have a thing for trucks).