Stop!  Somewhere out there a Tesla Model S owner is about to drill into the nose cone of their six-figure car…. Stop the madness! Chances are they’d rather drill into the hull of their boat. But in the 31 states that currently require front license plates, too many Tesla heads find themselves lacking a viable alternative.  Today Torklift Central wants you to Get Out and Go Another Way with The Law.  

From decades of research and development experience in our manufacturing facility, our expert technicians know a thing or two about custom fabrication and welding. They also understand it’s not unusual when folks take a liking to certain metals. 

Aluminum fans – you’re welcome:   
By popular demand, Torklift Central now offers The Law removable front license bracket in precision crafted light-weight Aluminum. 
In keeping with its aircraft grade stainless steel counterpart, the aluminum Law for the Tesla Model S makes nose-cone drilling a thing of the past.
Absolutely no drilling required.  Eliminate permanent holes in your front nose cone (front bumper).  100% bolt on application and no modification to the vehicle required.
Easy Installation and Removal.  Installation takes only a few easy steps and
can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Kit includes quick disconnect feature (car shows, events, etc.).
No rust.  No Corrosion.  Show quality. Precision laser crafted from either aircraft grade aluminum or stainless steel, high impact powder coated finish to make it durable for all weather conditions.
Lifetime Warranty.  Every Law is backed for life by Torklift Central. 
The Law for Tesla Model S here.
Get out and Go Another Way with Torklift Central.