If you’ve never heard the phrase “Buttwelding” odds are you shouldn’t tow with your motorhome.  A whopping 75% of Americans are unaware that due to the construction of their motorhome’s chassis, they are overloading their trailer hitch and coach when hauling a load.  Here’s why:

Nearly every motorhome manufacturer builds their coaches on a standard truck chassis.  They extend the frame to accommodate the added length of a coach using a welding process called “Buttwelding.”  In layman’s terms, Buttwelding glues two pieces of steel together to hold up the extension of an RV body. 
In reality, after the extension created by Buttwelding during motorhome construction, the coach’s tow rating should be limited to 3,500 lbs. for weight carrying or 350lbs. tongue weight, regardless of a higher tow rating from the original chassis manufacturer.  Unfortunately, these ratings are not high enough to safely dinghy tow (aka flat tow) the average vehicle.  
But don’t throw your Winnebago keys against the wall just yet.  Torklift Central has a solution.

As a licensed trailer hitch manufacturer and fabrication shop, our expert technicians have developed a processed called Sub Frame Beef-Up.  By reinforcing the weak connection between the frame and frame extension created during Buttwelding, we can significantly increase the real-world tow rating of your RV.  If your coach’s trailer hitch isn’t rated to handle the increased towing ability of a Sub Frame Beef-Up, we can fabricate one for you that is. 
Once your motor home is retrofitted for proper towing, Torklift Central carries all of the products and accessories you need to get on the road with confidence.  From towbars, tow dollies, auxiliary braking systems, and much more, we can outfit your rig to meet your needs.
Get Out and Go RV with Torklift Central.