There is no shortage of utility trailers on the market.  Deciding which one will help you Get Out And Go your way doesn’t have to be confusing.  Torklift Central makes it easy by only carrying Eagle trailers – the highest quality trailer on the market and made in the USA. 

The six Eagle utility trailers we carry at our facility in Washington State all serve a unique purpose to meet the demanding needs of work or play.  If you are looking for utility trailer sales, odds are one of these haulers is just what you need.

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Falcon Utility
Falcon Utility is a great do-all trailer

The Falcon Utility is the basis of everything that makes Falcon utility trailers special.  For a great all-around trailer that can haul everything from your toys to your tools, the Falcon Utility is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Sizes available: 4' x 8', 5' x 8', 5' x 10'

•    3,500 lb Axle
•    15" Tire and Wheel
•    2' High Sides

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Falcon Utility with ramp
A trailer ramp with sides increase the Falcon’s capability

A popular choice for landscaping, the Falcon Utility with ramp takes the Falcon Utility trailer to the next level with a trailer ramp and laser cut trailer sides.  The ramp’s extra height above the trailer sides allows for easy exit/entry into the trailer bed.  When the ramp is down it provides an easy and safe incline that is perfect for foot traffic, wheelbarrows and any other wheeled tools or toys you have.

Sizes available: 4' x 8', 5' x 8', 5' x 10'

•    3,500 lb Axle
•    15" Tire and Wheel
•    2' High Sides
•    Laser Cut Sides

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Falcon 7’ x 16’ Flatbed
A flatbed trailer is perfect for hauling large cargo

Falcon’s 7’ x 16’ Flatbed trailer features dual axles each rated for 3,500 pounds with integrated trailer brakes on both axles.  4 D - rings provide secure anchor points for ropes, straps, turnbuckles and any other trailer tie-down accessory you like. 

For those wanting to haul a vehicle and larger loads of significant weight, the 7’ x 16’ flatbed trailer is your perfect fit.  

•    Dual 3,500 lb. Axles
•    15" Tire and Wheel
•    Brakes on Both Axles
•    Spare Tire Mount
•    4 D-Rings

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Falcon ATV Flatbed
A trailer designed specially for ATV towing

Featuring stored ATV ramps the Falcon ATV flatbed makes loading and unloading your ATV ‘s a breeze.  When the ramps are not in use they tuck up and out of sight beneath the trailer.  The ATV ramps will accommodate full-size ATV’s of any variety.   

•    3,500 lb. Axle
•    15" Tire and Wheel
•    Stored ATV Ramps

Falcon Lightspeed
Lightspeed is the quintessential utility trailer

If you look up ‘utility trailer’ in the dictionary you might find a picture of the Falcon Lightspeed.  With built in ramps, trailer sides and a sturdy 3,500-pound axle, the Lightspeed is ready to handle just about any utility trailer job you can imagine. 

Sizes available: 4' x 8', 5' x 8', 5' x 10'

•    3,500 lb Axle
•    15" Tire and Wheel
•    Ramps Included

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Falcon 6.6’ x 12’ Landscape
Falcon 6.6’ x 12’ Landscape is a landscaper’s dream come true

For the best all-around landscaping trailer on the market, look no further than the Falcon 6.6’ x 12’ Landscape.

Falcon’s engineers built every feature a landscaping trailer ought to have into the 6.6’ x 12’ Landscape to make a day on the job as convenient and efficient as possible.  Integrated features include a 2’ x 2’ lockable toolbox, two weed-eater racks and six shovel and rack holders. 

•    3,500 lb Axle
•    15" Tire and Wheel
•    Stored Ramp
•    2' x 2' Lockable toolbox
•    2 Weed-eater racks
•    6 Shovel & rake holder

Purchasing a utility trailer from Torklift Central in Kent, Washington is the first and last resource you’ll ever need for any trailer-related business.  As a full service hitch and tow facility since 1976, we are fully equipped to handle any trailer service, trailer repair and custom trailer work you need.

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