For years man has asked himself:  Which is better - hitch-mounted bicycle racks or roof-mounted bicycle racks? 

We have the answer to this question and the evidence to back it up.

Take a look at the most popular hitch-mounted bike racks from Torklift Central here.

Here is why a hitch-mounted bicycle rack is the only solution you need to Get Out And Go biking your way:


Roof racks whistle in a bad way

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy whistling as an enjoyable way to pass the time while driving to your next bicycle trip, carrying bikes on the roof of your vehicle is a sure fire way to ruin this simple pleasure.

Imagine the sound of a winter wind howling through a crack in your home’s window at night.  That’s about what you can expect with a roof-mounted bicycle rack at highway speeds, and the reason they are often referred to as “roof whistles.” 

By mounting at the rear of your vehicle, hitch-mounted bike racks are substantially quieter making them the choice of anyone who prefers to not drive with a gigantic whistle.

Fuel economy – aerodynamics

Roof-mounted racks hurt fuel economy

While roof-mounted bicycle racks are whistling a discordant tune atop your vehicle they’re also wrecking up your aerodynamics in the process.  Having bikes on your roof creates a significant amount of drag, or resistance to the air your vehicle travels through. 

Folks with roof-mounted bicycle racks experience decreases in their fuel economy.

Hitch-mounted bike racks fit much better into the aerodynamics of your vehicle and avoid the excess drag that roof-mounted bike racks attract.  This keeps your MPG’s up and your wallet happy.

Overhead clearance

If you’re anything like us you enjoy the convenience of being able to cruise into a drive-thru and garage without tearing the top or your vehicle off like the lid of a tuna can. 

Roof-mounted bike racks effectively ban you from drive-thru’s and force you to remove the bicycles from the rack every time you want to drive into your garage without hassle. 

With a hitch-mounted bike rack you retain your VIP pass to any drive-thru you please and can breeze into your garage like you own the place. 

EcoHitch is a hidden trailer hitch

To ensure a hitch-mounted rack does not negatively impact your ground clearance, a hidden trailer hitch such as EcoHitch is your best fit.  By fitting the hitch receiver as snugly as possible to the underside of your vehicle with a completely concealed hitch crossbar, EcoHitch won’t keep you out of any drive thru’s or garages.    

Back pain

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Unless you enjoy hoisting your bikes above your head for leisure and/or fitness purposes you probably won’t like thrusting them up onto a roof-mounted bike rack either. 

Loading them onto a hitch-mounted rack is far easier on your back and greatly reduces the likelihood you’ll drop a bike on yourself, your car or the ground.

See how Yakima bike racks and Thule bike racks make the most of your trailer hitch here.

Vehicle damage

As mentioned above getting your bikes up on top of your car is a precarious challenge to say the least.  One slip of the hand and your bike comes crashing down on your vehicle or you.  Besides damage to your bikes, this can chip your vehicle’s paint and cause a number of dings and scrapes that you shouldn’t have to worry about every time you take a bike trip.

Protect your paint with a hitch rack

A hitch-mounted bike rack doesn’t threaten your vehicle.  Your bikes are never twirling above the body of your vehicle during loading and unloading in a balancing act that relies on your arm and core strength.  The bikes only have to be lifted a couple feet off the ground to make it up to the hitch-mounted bike rack.

All things considered hitch-mounted bicycle racks are just plain more convenient than roof-mounted racks.  But don’t take our word for it.  Take a look out our complete online catalog of hitch-mounted bicycle racks and see for yourself. 

Get Out and Go biking your way at Torklift Central.

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