April 2015

  1. Pressing questions for Honda CRV owners

    What can Honda CRV tow and haul?  Well… Life is full of questions, the most important of which tend to revolve around what’s best for you and your family.  Few vehicles define the family crossover genre as well as the Honda CRV.  With the cargo space of a small SUV and the driving characteristics of a full-size car, the CRV...
  2. Three Mazda 6 EcoHitch terms you need to know

    Our Mazda 6 trailer hitch in action EcoHitch for 2014-2015 Mazda 6 is designed to live up to Torklift Central’s standards of what a hidden trailer hitch should be.  As a licensed trailer hitch manufacturer with engineers on staff and a full service hitch and tow facility since 1976, many of the terms in our trailer hitch vocabulary might not...
  3. This is why you need to check your trailer brakes

    Trailer brake repair can be a matter of life and death Trailer brake repair and trailer brake troubleshooting are a lifesaver. Without properly functioning trailer brakes the odds of being involved in a rear-end collision skyrocket, can end up jackknifing and potential rollover. Schedule a trailer brake repair or trailer brake service at Torklift Central today.   Here is a white-knuckle video with a fully loaded 40-ton Volvo tractor-trailer that shows how effective a trailer brake system is at safely halting a significant load. Trailer brake inspection can be a matter of life and death  Unfortunately for the average person hauling a trailer equipped with trailer brakes, their rig is most likely not equipped with a Collision Warning and Emergency Brake system as this highly-advanced Volvo truck is.  The responsibility is yours to ensure you give yourself adequate stopping distance to avoid an accident in an emergency braking situation.  A trailer brake inspection is vitally important to ensure your trailer brakes are able to do their job.  Whether you have hydraulic trailer brakes or electric trailer brakes there are several easy ways to conduct your own trailer brake troubleshooting.  How to identify necessary trailer brake repairs: Continue reading →
  4. 2014-2015 Mazda 6 EcoHitch now available!

    Our Mazda 6 trailer hitch The Mazda 6 combines the best of what you expect from a family car:  fuel economy, interior space, upscale options, sleek styling and a sporty driving feel.For all the good stuff Mazda brings to the family sedan table there’s one more option Mazda 6 owners ought to look into: Purchase EcoHitch for 2014-2015 Mazda 6...
  5. How to safely tow a boat trailer

    Towing a boat trailer requires planning Once you’re confident your boat trailer is roadworthy after a thorough safety inspection there a few more important steps to keep in mind before you Get Out And Go Boating. Explore Torklift Central’s complete hitch and tow services here. How to tow a boat trailer: Know your vehicle’s tow weight ratings Respecting tow weight...

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