Adding a side bar is great for safety and customization

For a couple of weeks now we have been doing articles about some of the best ways to improve the look and style of your truck. From Performance Gauges that improve the look of your dashboard to Performance Tuners which give you the ultimate control over your engine and how it runs, we at Torklift Central love customization and improving the look, safety and performance of your truck. Another great addition that you can make to your truck is a nerf bar for lifted trucks. With pickup truck steps, just like performance gauges and performance tuners, you have the ability to customize your truck to your liking.

Don’t settle for a factory looking truck and instead customize and enhance the look of your vehicle with step bars for lifted trucks. Below is some more information on step rails, why you should consider them and our top pick for custom truck steps.

What Exactly Are Truck Side Bars

Before adding a side bar

Originally designed to protect race cars and keep their tires from becoming entangled during collisions, nerf bars have become commercially successful off the racetrack.   Outfitted to protect the lower truck body from damage, running bars, step bars and nerf bars are now made to add to the looks of the truck, making any truck, SUV or Jeep look sleek and stylish. Many truck step bars are also functional as an additional step, making it easier and safer to get inside your truck. Whether you want a bar that runs the entire length of your cab from wheel-to-wheel, a single step or just a cab length bar, there are a ton of different kinds of truck rails, some of the major categories include:

After adding a side bar 
  • Truck Nerf Bars: A bar that runs along your truck to help you in and out with step pads at your entry points into the cab
    • Nerf Bars with Side Steps: A bar that runs directly next to your truck with two side steps sticking out for easier entry and exit
    • Oval Nerf Bars: Oval nerf bars have the widest oval stepping space
    • Round Nerf Bars: A smaller version of the oval nerf bars, can come available in a bar that spans the length of your cab or just a side step
  • Truck Running Boards: Similar to the nerf bar but provides a stepping pad that runs the entire length of the pad so you always have secure footing

Of course when it comes to any kind of truck accessories, research is needed to make sure what will fit perfectly with your truck or what kind of bar/board you would prefer. There are many different kinds of step options for lifted trucks including the brand that we suggest over others: the CSI Side Bar.

The CSI Difference

CSI nerf bars make all the difference

Founded in 1966, CSI has been in the business for a while so you know that CSI makes quality, affordable performance parts that won’t disappoint. CSI performance and truck accessories are the top of the line and we highly recommend them for your truck, Jeep or SUV. The CSI nerf bars are made of polished stainless steel that are polished to a high shine and the black bars feature a tough, powder coated finish.

Whether it’s silver or black, these running board steps are the easiest way to add extra touches of style to your vehicle while increasing functionality. With 3” round bars and a slip-resistant step pad you know that with CSI products you will be able to safely enter and exit your truck with ease, even with lifted trucks. Installing truck steps are as easy as the snap of your fingers with the bars lining up to bolt onto the existing OEM holes.

To add functionality and style to your truck, click here or contact us through the information below to learn more about CSI Side Bars and other custom truck accessories.

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