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Unless you’ve decided to make your truck camper your winter home, there comes a time when every owner needs to figure out how to store a truck camper. We want you to look no further than the Camper Packer —a camper storage system designed by Torklift International.

Avoid stacking cinder blocks

There are a number of creative solutions for storing a truck camper—some owners stack up cinder blocks or wooden pallets, some merely rely on their camper jacks. While these ideas might be applauded for innovation or thriftiness, there’s definitely a better way to ensure your truck camper is ready for the winter, and that’s with the Camper Packer.

The Camper Packer is the industry’s only structural support base engineered from lumber. It’s a practical solution for maintaining the integrity of your truck camper while storing it during the off-season.

How the Camper Packer stands up to competition
Sawhorse stands from the hardware store are simply not rated for the rigors of supporting a truck camper. Camper Packer storage stands are not your average camper sawhorse stands. Camper Packer storage stands are double the length of a traditional sawhorse and are rated to withstand up to 12 times the weight capacity. That’s the equivalent of 6,000 pounds per pair.

Camper Packer Kit with lumber

Camper Packer storage stands are made from a special grade of lumber that is specifically treated to endure harsh weather and the design incorporates high impact powder coated stainless steel joints to increase stability while also protecting the storage stands from rust.

The Camper Packer measures 50 inches from side-to-side when assembled and stores easily when not in use. Assembly is also a breeze—the Camper Packer kit provides brackets, fasteners and lumber. Once assembled operation is 100% tool-free. The Camper Packer is also available with only the brackets, with the option to purchase your own lumber at a local hardware store.

Like every product from Torklift International the Camper Packer is proudly made in the USA. The storage stands also come with a 5-year warranty. Every penny invested in these not-so-average sawhorse stands will be well worth the long-term durability you’ll receive in return.

There’s also no better time to buy as Torklift International is offering a $10 factory rebate with the following link:

Sure and strong—the champion of support

Camper Packer storage stands are an affordable storage solution engineered to prevent damage to the truck camper frame and jacks by redistributing the weight from the four corners of the frame onto the Camper Packer.

Think of the Camper Packer as a weightlifting champion, bearing the frame of the truck camper on its shoulders during winter storage.

As cold weather lurks around the corner, it’s smart to seek storage solutions to properly winterize a truck camper—just make sure you are using structurally sound support by letting the Camper Packer do the heavy lifting.

Think your jack stands do the trick?

Prevent camper jack and frame damage

Many people consider using truck camper jacks as camper storage stands, but the stress this causes to a truck camper can cause major damage. Jacks just may not  stand the pressure over time and your camper jack mounting brackets can easily stress the frame.

Storing a truck camper long-term is not something that should be left to cheap sawhorses or wooden pallets – and it certainly shouldn’t be the responsibility of truck camper jacks. Jacks are used for quick loading or unloading of the truck camper from the truck. They aren’t designed as truck camper support stands for long-term purposes.

The same goes for stabilizing jacks. Stabilizing a truck camper and storing a truck camper are two completely different things. Stabilizer jacks weren’t intended to support the weight of a truck camper long-term. In fact, using any type of jack for off-season camper storage, whether stabilizer jacks, leveling jacks or camper stabilizer jacks will not only cause stress to the jacks but it can also put strain on the truck camper frame—and that could be a costly mistake.

Why take the risk when the Camper Packer can do the heavy lifting?
Torklift International Camper Packer storage stands for truck campers

By bearing the bulk of the truck camper, the Camper Packer reduces the stress on the frame and the jacks, thereby extending the life of the jacks and protecting the camper frame from damage. Jacks are just skinny little things, but the Camper Packer was built to last. It’s a safe, sure solution to storing your truck camper.

The Camper Packer—the smartest way to winterize a truck camper

Is your truck camper ready for winter?

Torklift International and their Camper Packer is the best solution for protecting the frame and jacks of your truck camper while it’s in storage. Click here to take advantage of Torklift International’s $10 factory rebate.

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