While towing may be intimidating and make you feel unsafe - with the correct set up, towing can be incredibly safe! The #1 concern people have while towing is safety, and with a Torklift hitch, you know you are in the best hands to get you on the road for your next adventure!

With industry-leading standards and reputation since 1976, Torklift Central has been devoted to custom fabrication – especially when it comes to creating hitches for all types of vehicles. There is no job that our seasoned factory trained engineers can’t handle. All have varying skills with MIG, TIG and STICK welding. But, it doesn’t end there! Our technicians are capable of welding various materials – anything from aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, iron, stainless steel and more.

We made a custom hitch for this D.A.R.E. Corvette!

Yes, you are really seeing this! We created a custom hitch for a corvette to pull a D.A.R.E. trailer. Now that’s cool.

Our Custom Fab Capabilities

The WaterJet cutting out parts

At Torklift we recently invested in a state-of-the art WaterJet! What does this mean for you? We now have the ability to create and fabricate anything, at anytime. So what fun projects have we created with our amazing employees and equipment? Here are just a few!

Above is the Frankenstein Camaro owned by Steve Ellingson that we built a custom hitch for. This Camaro is actually a 1997 but was lovingly built to look like a 1969. Certainly a car you wouldn’t have imagined would be able to handle a hitch, but we did it! And as you can see from the picture of the corvette towing the D.A.R.E. trailer above, it was also a success. We are the only custom fabrication hitch shop that has made hitches for these classic cars.

Example of a removable receiver hitch

Have a muscle car that you want to make more versatile like a Dodge Charger, Hellcat, or Ford Mustang? We can make custom hitches for sports cars too! As you can see below, we added custom fab hitches to a Dodge Charger and Ford Mustang. Not only to make it so the owners can bring extra cargo or bike racks with them wherever they go, but to amp up the coolness level of these vehicles.

Our custom hitch receiver on the Dodge Charger

The best part of these hitches too? They are our “Stealth” custom receivers which means that the receiver can be removed when not in use, making it so you can’t even tell that there’s a hitch installed on the vehicle unless it’s in use. As shown to the right, the receiver is the part that you slide your bike rack, trailer or cargo tray into – not to be confused with the ballmount which is a separate piece and is also removable.
Installation is as easy as unbolting the receiver, taking the bolt out and voila! The hitch receiver is removed and the car returns to its normal look – especially when you’re at car shows or taking a joy ride.

The smaller photo shows the Mustang without the receiver, and the larger shows it with the receiver!

What fun project and custom fab ideas do you have waiting for us? Something you thought was only your dreams? Challenge us! We are ready to take on your project and make those dreams come true here at Torklift Central.


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Written by Shyann Guerra:
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