Congratulations on your new fifth wheel trailer or new-to-you trailer! Now that you have purchased your trailer or are about to, do you have the hitch you need so you can tow it? The first step in determining what type of fifth wheel hitch you will need is what length of truck bed you have. Below are a couple questions you can ask yourself before your big purchase to know how to get a fifth wheel hitch that is perfect for you!

What is the difference between a short bed and long bed fifth wheel hitch?

Do you have a long bed or short bed truck? The short bed and long bed fifth wheel hitches are very similar, but have differences in how they work for each bed length. Some differences between them include how they function, for example if you have a short bed truck you absolutely need a 5th wheel hitch that slides to avoid damage to the cab of your truck and having to replace a shattered window. Below are two hitches that we have available at Torklift Central and their different functions for comparison:

PullRite SuperLite: Long Bed 5th Wheel Hitch

  • Combines the hitch plate, rocker and crossmember into a single unit: the SuperLite king pin adapter for easy loading
  • Has the fastest and easiest hitch to couple in the industry
  • Only weighs 52 lbs
  • Virtually no chucking with the SuperLite in comparison to standard king pin hitch styles due to the unique adapter design

PullRite SuperGlide: Short Bed 5th Wheel Hitch

  • PullRite SuperGlide allows for 90 degrees turning without needing to stop or slow down
  • Automatically moves trailer away from cab while making turns
  • SuperGlide models are available with removable base rail type installations
  • Unique SuperGlide mounting system allows hitch and mounting posts to be removed with no tools, you can easily use your bed when you’re not towing


Can I put a long bed hitch on my short bed to increase my towing capacity?

A window damaged by a 5th wheel.

The answer: no! You do not want to put a fifth wheel hitch that does not support your truck bed size. It compromises your safety while you’re towing down the road, as well as the safety of your fellow drivers.

Not only does it compromise safety, it also impacts the integrity of your truck. Placement is everything when you install a fifth wheel hitch. If the hitch you are installing is too big or too small, they are not installed in the proper place in the bed of your truck. If you were to install a long bed fifth wheel hitch on a short bed truck it doesn’t allow a wide enough turning radius, causing the RV to hit the back window of the truck, shattering it and potentially causing damage to the cab.


Will I need his hitch for multiple uses?
If you are an avid outdoors person who owns a fifth wheel, but also need the ability to tow a gooseneck trailer, we have a hitch to accommodate your needs. The B&W Companion and Turnover Ball hitch!

B&W Companion: Long Bed 5th Wheel Hitch

  • Vibration dampening polyurethane bushing provides a quiet ride
  • Cam action latching handles for effortless hook up and release
  • B&W Companion hitch easily converts from a hitch to a level bed so you can use the Turnover Ball gooseneck hitch, just remove the 5th wheel hitch
  • The ball stores upside down in the socket when not in use and can be flipped over and dropped back in the hole for use
  • Three vertical adjustments from 14.75-inches to 16.75-inches
  • Three positions giving you four inches of horizontal adjustment

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Written by Shyann Guerra:
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