As a leading pioneer of Eco-vehicle trailer hitches, Torklift Central is happy to give a shout out to our friends in the European Union.  Specifically, we’d like to congratulate the good people of Norway, who in November of last year drove electric car sales to account for 12% of the country’s new car sales.  Leading into 2014, Norway is proving they deserve the title of being the friendliest place in the world for electric cars.  

In September of 2013, the Tesla Model S overtook the Volkswagen Golf as the country’s best-selling car with a 5.1 percent market share.  The following month Tesla passed the top sales crown to the Nissan Leaf, which managed to capture 5.6 percent of all new sales.  By November, news surfaced that combined electric car sales accounted for more than 12% of Norway’s total.  
To put those numbers in perspective, electric car sales in other countries around the globe barely account for a fraction of a percent.
As consumers in Norway and throughout Europe flock to alternative fuel cars to reduce emissions and avoid super-inflated gas prices, Torklift Central is committed to meeting a mounting international demand for our Ecohitch.
The Ecohitch is a non-obtrusive bolt-on trailer hitch, custom designed for the Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and most every eco-friendly vehicle on the market.  Without any drilling required, Torklift Central’s engineers design every Ecohitch to be partially or completely hidden without disrupting the aerodynamics of the car.  
To meet the strict Ecohitch standards that we are respected for in the United States for our growing number of International customers, Torklift Central is actively working to establish quality shipping logistics, pricing, and to confirm that each EU vehicle make and model intricacies match their US vehicle make and model counterparts. As demand for eco-friendly vehicles grow in the EU and around the world, Torklift Central is excited to meet the needs of our expanding international market.
Congrats again to Norway – keep up the good work!  
Learn more about the Ecohitch and Torklift Central’s other eco-products here.