Tragically, RV’s tend to spend most of their lives hidden under a tarp, slumbering next to their owner’s permanent residence in solitude.  Several times a year they emerge on an adventure where they get a bittersweet taste of what it’s like to be a real home.  The following videos pay tribute to people who take the definition of ‘mobile home’ literally.  These brave souls are living proof that with a clear vision, a little bit of knowhow and some understanding neighbors, RVs empower us to have a home wherever we’re willing to make one. 

To explore how a new RV, 5th wheel or camper trailer can help you take home on the road, make your way to 2014 Seattle RV Show February 6-9 at Century Link Field Event Center.  Torklift Central will be on hand at our booth to chat about your next recreational endeavor, give away free swag and man a prize wheel that could help you win up to 10% off (up to $200) installation at our shop.  We’ll also be giving free seminars on proper dinghy towing all four days in Room B at 2:00pm. 

See you there!