Since opening a single garage shop in 1976, Jon Kay set a standard for excellence at a company he dubbed Torklift Central.  Nearly 40 years later, pride, grit and determination still run deep in our culture at Torklift Central.  In celebration of all we accomplished in 2013, we held a swanky end of the year party to honor the most important part of our business:  Our people. 

The star-studded evening began with a stroll along the game room floor to a private dining hall at the Muckleshoot Casino. 
Upon arriving at the Chinook Room the Torklift family unwound with a delicious catered dinner, exciting bouts of trivia, and hefty cash giveaways. 
Then came the portion of the evening when stars are born.  There weren’t any long-winded speeches that had to be helped off stage by an orchestral-outro.  Instead, management said a few words about the members of our team that exemplify our core values every day. 


Winner:  Byron Mounce 
Anyone who’s had the experience of working with Byron will tell you that he’s a man of conviction.  He wears many hats, from customer service to outside sales and shop management.  Few people do as much for Torklift Central in so many ways as Byron Mounce – a truly tenacious individual and pillar of Torklift Central. 

Winner:  Gabriel Soltero
Torklift Central’s success is built day in and day out in our manufacturing facility.  As demand for our EcoHitch is growing exponentially year over year, our ability to keep up with an influx of production orders locally, nationally, and internationally (yes we ship to the Netherlands) while maintaining the highest level of quality is constantly tested.  Gabriel Soltero, Production Manager for EcoHitch, is the reason we’re able to meet the needs of our customers.  He’s a rock of execution and a leader we couldn’t do without.

Congratulations to Byron Mounce, Gabriel Soltero and all the people that make Torklift Central a place we can all be proud to work.  Here’s to another great year.