Tesla made an impressive public relations and safety move this month by announcing they will now offer a freetitanium-reinforced underbody shield for the Model S.  The shield is designed to protect against road debris that are thought to have caused fires in the all-electric car by coming in contact with the battery pack.  Every Model S built after March 6th will now come equipped with the shield while existing Model S customers can have the upgrade installed free of charge.

The heavy-duty shield is constructed of three separate layers of aluminum and titanium that deflect and absorb energy from road debris before it can damage the battery pack.  Clean Technica Reports:
The first layer consists of a rounded, hollow aluminum bar designed to deflect objects, or force them to “pike” well before the battery pack, preventing critical failure and fire. Behind that is the titanium plate made to absorb the energy, and behind that is a shallow-angle aluminum extension further absorbing and deflecting energy.”

The underbody shield is a no-brainer for Model S owners to have retrofitted or installed from the factory on their cars.  It’s free, it makes the vehicle safer, so why not? 
As manufacturers of the world’s only trailer hitch for the Model S, Torklift Central is happy to announce that Tesla’s new underbody shield will not conflict with our EcoHitch.  Once again, Tesla and EcoHitch owners get to have their cake and eat it too. 
Read Elon Musk’s official announcement of the underbody shield here.
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