You don’t have to be an expert RV technician to understand proper travel trailer, fifth wheel, truck camper, and dingy hauling.  Nonetheless, too many people hit the road during travel season with improperly equipped rigs.  Torklift Central is here to help.  We’ll be on hand May 1-4 at the Puyallup RV Show.  Our Vice President of Operations, Matt Lynch will be a holding a number of seminars designed to help you Get Out and Go like a veteran road tripper. 

With more than ten years of RV industry experience, Matt’s seminars are designed to educate guests on how to haul with confidence.  His seminar topics will include: 
Proper Dinghy Towing
There’s much more to pulling a second vehicle with your motorhome than installing a towbar and stepping on the gas.  After selecting the right towbar for your vehicle, auxiliary braking systems, chassis frame upgrades, and other considerations need to be made to dinghy tow safely. Torklift Central has you covered.  Learn how at our seminars on Proper Dinghy Towing:
Thursday 5/1 @ 2pm, Seminar Room A
Sunday 5/4 @ 2pm, Seminar Room A
Proper Travel Trailer Towing
Making sure your travel trailer behaves itself behind your truck often requires towing accessories such as weight distribution systems, brake controllers, and a trailer hitch that can handle the size of your trailer.  Torklift Central is your one-stop shop for all your travel trailer needs.  Get up to speed on proper travel trailer towing:
Friday 5/2 @ 2pm, Seminar Room A
Saturday 5/3 @ 2pm, Seminar Room A

Proper Fifth Wheel Towing

Torklift Central only carries market-leading 5th wheel hitches made in the U.S.A.  Whether you have a long bed, short bed, or flatbed truck, we have 5th wheel and gooseneck hitches that will meet your needs.  Even better, our hitches are easily removed, and in certain applications, can be nearly hidden in the bed of your truck.  We’ll also cover how suspension upgrades may be necessary to safely handle the added weight 5thwheel hauling entails.  Our Proper Fifth Wheel Towing seminar will show you how:
Thursday 5/1 @ 4pm, Seminar Room A
Friday 5/2 @ 4pm, Seminar Room A 
Equipping Your Truck to Carry a Truck Camper
Despite popular belief, most pickup trucks don’t roll off the assembly line properly equipped to carry a truck camper. Let us show you how to unlock the truck camper carrying potential of your pickup with mounting and suspension upgrades:
Saturday 5/3 @ 4:00pm, Seminar Room A
Sunday 5/4 @ 4:00pm, Seminar Room A 
After each of our seminars guests are invited to visit Torklift Central’s exhibit at Booth 19 & 20.  We’ll be giving away prizes, free swag, and a special show discount to be announced soon.  Many of the products that will be detailed in our seminars will be on display.  Several of our expert technicians will be available to answer any questions you might have. 

Don’t miss Torklift Central May 1-4 at the Puyallup RV Show.