(Photo: CC David Villarreal Fernandez)
The world’s first sport/utility wagon has come a long way since it was endorsed by Crocodile Dundee in 1994.  Today the Subaru Outback is a fixture of the Subie family for the same rugged capability, reliability, and safety that makes a Subaru a Subaru.  Torklift Central makes a hidden EcoHitch for the 2010+ Outback for people who want to get even more out of the car and the world around them. 

Rated for 350lbs tongue weight and 3,500lbs towing weight, available in either 1 ¼” or 2” receivers, EcoHitch for the 2010+Outback takes the car’s capability to another level.  From rack applications and cargo trays to light trailering*, EcoHitch helps Outback owners put the utility back in sport/utility wagon without permanently altering the vehicle’s frame - EcoHitch is a 100% bolt-on application that requires absolutely no drilling.

If you love your Outback as much as most Subaru owners do, take a look at EcoHitch.  
  • No drilling required
  • Bolt-on installation is quick and easy
  • Completely hidden design
  • Engineered with the model-specific aerodynamics of your vehicle in mind to complement its contours and airflow.
  • Made from high impact powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and steel
  • Lightweight.
  • Manufactured in Kent, WA U.S.A.
* Torklift Central does not endorse towing with a car that is not approved by the manufacturer of said vehicle. All warranties on vehicles are the sole responsibility of the customer and not Torklift Central. Torklift Central assumes no liability from damage or voiding of any warranty by towing with trailer hitch.