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Torklift Central can outfit your travel rig with all the 4x4 & Truck Accessories you need to setup camp just about anywhere.  Once you’ve arrived at that perfect remote getaway with your friends, family, and supplies in tow, don’t forget that Washington State is home to a variety of hungry carnivores.  Namely, grizzly and black bears will follow their nose to your campsite in search of a meal if your food isn’t properly stored. These tips from Rick Curtis’ The Backpacker’s Field Manual details how to bear proof your camp and avoid unwanted encounters with real-life Teddy’s. 

Before securing your food, it’s crucial to set up camp where the sleeping area is upwind of the kitchen and food storage area and at least 300 feet (100 meters) apart. 
Keep in mind that “bear bagging” your food is a precaution that should be taken for the entire critter population that could be sharing the expanse of your campsite (raccoons, opossums, coyotes, chipmunks, skunks, etc.). Be sure to talk with local rangers about what sorts of creatures are native to the area.
Hang up all food (except unopened canned food), pots, pans, cups, bowls, utensils, all garbage and food scraps.  The Backpacker’s Field Manual recommends you come prepared with a 75 foot (23 meters) rope (at least ¼ inch thick – 6 millimeters), two carabineers, and as many stuff sacks as needed. 
To learn how to hang a bear bag using the Counterbalance Method, Marrison Haul System, and what to do in a campsite without trees, read this full excerpt from the field manual here.
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