Modern pickup trucks such as the Ram 3500 are now rated to tow upward of 30,000lbs when properly equipped.  That’s a serious amount of weight to keep under control. No matter the size of your pickup’s trailer, seemingly insignificant 5thwheel accessories can make a world of difference in how safe and comfortable you’ll be behind the wheel.

Torklift Centralcarries the essential 5th wheel towing accessories you’ll need to Get Out and Go Your Way.  Here are some of the most common products we recommend to get started on your next 5th wheel trip.    
Too many 5th wheel owners accept back-and-forth chucking and jerking as a natural part of their towing experience.  If your 5thwheel hitch is doing a good job of rattling your fillings out during starting, stopping and traveling over rough terrain, you may be in dire need of a rubber pin box.   


The Mor/ryde Pin Box System from Torklift Central addresses this issue with a rubber shear spring.  By absorbing jolting between the truck and trailer during towing, MOR/ryde keeps your 5th wheel trailer well behaved, the way it should be.  
Many people find out the hard way their 5th wheel trailer can drain their truck battery when they stop for a break or for the night.  Adding a solenoid on your truck disconnects the link between your trailer battery and truck battery to avoid the problem completely.    
The easiest way to avoid finding yourself stuck with a dead battery on any 5th wheel trip is with a battery solenoid. 
Having extended towing mirrors when towing any type of load is as much for your protection as it is for other motorists.  Being able to see around your RV is critical to everything from safely changing lanes to backing into a campsite. 
Torklift Central offers extended mirrors to fit the original equipment mounting on your vehicle and require absolutely no drilling.     
Depending on your truck’s hauling capacity, a variety of suspension, drive train, and other accessoriesmay be necessary to handle the added weight of a 5th wheel trailer. 
By far the most affordable and effective suspension upgrade you can make is the StableLoad.  The StableLoad dramatically improves your vehicle's hauling and handling characteristics by “pre-loading” the factory overload springs to prevent the sag that would normally activate them. Typical side-to-side sway and bucking is greatly reduced with this simple enhancement.
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