Torklift Central began engineering custom trailer hitches in 1976.  Nearly 40 years later, our reputation as a premier manufacturer of custom hitches in the Northwest is stronger than ever.  These are the top 10 ways our decades of industry experience is built into every hitch we make:

Hidden Design
Opt for our signature Torklift Central custom hitch and the most you’ll be able to see once it’s installed is the receiver.  All of our hitch crossbars are hidden behind the rear bumper of your vehicle.  Ground clearance and curb appeal are unaffected.

No Drilling Required

Torklift Central hitches are available in 100 percent bolt on applications that don’t require drilling into the frame of your vehicle.  We utilize factory frame holes to avoid making permanent alterations to your ride.

Made From High Impact Powder Coated Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Stainless Steel And Steel

We only use the highest quality materials and high impact powder coating techniques to make your custom hitch.

Designed to complement the aerodynamic contours and airflow of your vehicle

Our hitches are engineered to fit seamlessly into the underbody of your vehicle.  No matter what you drive, a Torklift Central hitch is built to be your perfect fit.   

Certified engineers

With years of real world experience and access to our CNC auto and CAD plasma tables, custom SolidWorks drawings and Finite Elemental Analysis, our engineering department is equipped to manufacture market-leading hitches.


Weighing as little as 25lbs or more, the strength of Torklift Central hitches doesn’t stem from unnecessary weight created during the engineering process.  Our hitches are built smart, not heavy.

Lifetime Warranty

We are confident our hitches will outlast the lifetime of your vehicle.  All of our hitches are backed by a lifetime warranty.  

Made in the USA

Every Torklift Central product we carry or custom fabricate is proudly made in the USA.

The Torklift Central Way

Since 1976, Torklift Central still manufactures all of our custom hitches at our shop on Central Avenue in Kent, Wash.  With three generations of our founder Jon Kay’s family working on our management team, our standard of quality and expertise is present in all our work.  

To learn more about how Torklift Central can help you Get Out and Go with a custom trailer hitch, send us an email or give us a call at 877-373-9195.