Congratulations Brandon Bulkeley!  You are the winner of our photo caption contest for authoring the clever line pictured above.  As promised we will be sending you The Law, our removable front license plate bracket for Tesla Model S, and a bundle of free swag for good measure.

It takes a special kind of guy to use their electric vehicle and EcoHitch to mow the lawn on their farm. 
But as Brandon puts it: “Who needs a lawnmower when you got 85kwh of power?”
Although Brandon will be taking home the grand prize of The Law, we would also like to recognize the other commenter’s who deserve an honorable mention:
Josh Pearson: Who needs a Ford when I got a Tesla?
James Blair: Law'n enforcement!
CuaCua Araiza:  It’s an electric tractor
Thanks to everyone who posted a caption, and to John Glenney who’s Tesla Model S is featured in the picture.
To learn more about EcoHitch, The Law and Torklift Central, contact us or call 877-373-9195.