Whether you drive a Tesla Model S or are just considering it, Owning Model S by Nick J. Howe is essential reading.  The book is a definitive informational resource for a car that is changing the way we ought to look at automobiles. 

Howe’s book is part owner’s manual, part encyclopedia and entirely fascinating to anyone interested in the future of electric vehicles.  Torklift Central makes several appearances in the transcript, accompanied by real-world user experiences of how our EcoHitch for Model S is being used by Tesla owners: 

“Forum user @Pungoteague_Dave fitted the EcoHitch from Torklift Central and towed a small boat trailer from the US North East down to Florida and back (2410 miles) and reported a paltry 5 Wh/m impact.  This contrasts sharply with his experience with a bike rack and two bikes on the back, which increased his consumption by 125 Wh/m at 60mph!” (1)

We had the pleasure of meeting Nick J. Howe at TMC Connect 2014.  He was kind enough to chat with us about Tesla Model S, EcoHitch and sign a copy of his book that we now have on display at our facility in Kent, Wash. 

Thanks Nick! 

To receive a free chapter of Owning Model S visit the book’s official website.

To learn more about how you can Get Out and Go with EcoHitch for Tesla Model S, contact us or give us a call at 877-373-9195.


(1) Howe, N. (2014). Range And Performance. Owning Model S (). Boca Raton: EVannex.