Discover what your trailer needs before you hit the road and potentially break down

Torklift Central’s free 10-point trailer safety inspection can uncover any issues that your trailer may currently have or is likely to in the near future.  Below is our safety inspection checklist and some of the most common trailer services we recommend before you Get Out And Go traveling. 

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Here is a list of the top 10 critical areas we inspect

1.    Breakaway system

Your trailer breakaway system is your trailer’s automatic emergency brake.  We inspect and test your breakaway system on your brakes.  Proper breakaway activation is essential when towing.  In case of disconnect or accident, proper use of the breakaway system is crucial to stop the trailer and prevent the trailer from passing you down the road in the event of a disconnect. 

2.    Braking system

Hydraulic trailer brakes and electric trailer brakes can malfunction for a number of reasons.  Electrical shortages, loss of hydraulic pressure and normal wear and tear can all be suspect.  Whatever the cause, we can get your trailer braking system running like new again with stopping power that won’t let you down. 

With a bearing repack service we inspect your braking system which includes the wiring, brake shoes, magnets, wheel cylinders and more.  

3.  Bearing tension

Both loose and over-tightened trailer bearing tension causes your bearings to fail and wear out prematurely.  We check and set bearings to their proper tension to prolong the life of your bearing and trailer hub system.

4.  Tires and air pressure

Both over and under-inflated trailer tires cause blowouts, uneven tire wear, poor braking, bad fuel economy and dangerous handling. We check your tires’ remaining tread life as well as air pressure.

5.  Suspension inspection

Vibrations from the road cause components of your trailer suspension to become loose during travel.  Your suspension, (springs, link plates, U-bolts, shackle bolts, axle alignment and spring hangers) is what your trailer rides on making this a critical part of our inspection.

Recommended service:  Axle alignment

Even a fraction of an inch of misalignment in your trailer axle can compromise your wallet as well as your safety.  If not corrected, axle misalignment will cause:

  • Unnatural and premature tire wear that can result in a blowout 
  • Suspension damage and failure
  • Wandering, jerking and tension that transfers to your tow vehicle compromising ride stability and causing damage to your vehicle’s trailer hitch and frame

Torklift Central’s laser and track-guided trailer axle alignment corrects and prevents all of these issues.

6.  Lighting system

A fully functional trailer lighting system is essential to your safety and the safety of others on the road. 

Recommended service: Electrical troubleshooting

Worn wires, incompatible connections to your tow vehicle and burnt out bulbs can all create a big headache when all you want to do is make your trailer lights function properly.  We have custom lighting capabilities to cut out the guess work and keep your trailer safe and legal. 

7.  Grease fittings

Many trailers have grease fittings.  We inspect and re-grease your fittings to keep those parts lubricated to ensure the prolonged lifespan of your parts.

Recommended service:  Bearing repack

Bearing failure is the number one cause of trailer breakdown, yet one of the easiest and most affordable to prevent.  A trailer bearing repack is the simple solution to keeping your trailer on the road for years to come.

8. Ball coupler

Proper trailer ball coupler operation is critical when towing.  We inspect the coupler latch mechanism and coupler ball socket to ensure proper operation.

Recommended service:  Ball coupler repair and replacement

Your ball coupler serves as the crucial connection point between your trailer and tow vehicle.  Having a coupler in good working order is key to proper towing.  Couplers that are worn, out of alignment or showing signs of rusting or corrosion should always be repaired or replaced. 

Whether you are looking for weld on, bolt on or surge couplers, we can replace or repair whatever ball coupler you need.

9.  Safety chains

This critical safety system is the last line of protection for a potential catastrophic failure. We inspect your trailer safety chains for proper length when towing, as well as for wear and tear. It’s common to see faulty safety chains due to the chains being dragged while the trailer is being towed.

10.  Chassis and frame

Your trailer works hard and is subject to fatigue just like you are.  Our chassis/frame inspection looks over your trailer frame and trailer chassis for fracture points, cracks, tears, or rust in the trailer’s frame that poses a potential risk to the trailer structure.

Recommended service:  Trailer deck repair

If your trailer deck is rusted, rotting or beginning to grow it’s own windows allowing both people and cargo to fall through creating hazardous conditions, let us help.  We can repair or replace your deck with your choice of material to give your trailer a new lease on life. 

Trailer safety starts with an inspection.  To learn more about the ways Torklift Central can keep your trailer on the road for years to come visit our Trailer Center online, give us a call at 877-343-6933 or send us an email

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