SuperHitch and SuperTruss in action

If you have a truck camper and a great truck to haul it, but still want tow with the setup, you need a trailer hitch and trailer hitch receiver extension that is specially designed for the job.  The reason for this is that many truck campers are built with a rear overhang that makes your truck’s trailer hitch inaccessible. 

When it comes to trailer hitch receiver extensions there is really only one choice to choose from that allows you to safely tow while hauling a truck camper -Torklift’s SuperHitch and SuperTruss extension.  The SuperTruss receiver hitch extension is necessary for towing when your truck camper has an overhang that extends past your truck’s bumper.  

Here is why Torklift is the clear leader in truck camper towing:


SuperHitch is a heavy-duty trailer hitch

The safest and most capable truck camper towing setup starts with Torklift International’s SuperHitch.  SuperHitch is designed to handle the highest towing capacities of today’s ½ ton through 1 ½ ton trucks.  Trailer hitch towing system failure from inadequate tongue weight is the most common cause of accidents related to trailer hitch failure.

The SuperHitch Outlaw Series by Torklift International is the basis for the safest, most versatile, truck camper towing system available.  Torklift’s engineers design SuperHitch using high tech computer, physical lab and rigorous field test methods to ensure SuperHitch is capable of hauling what your truck is rated at and beyond.

SuperHitch’s dual receiver trailer hitch system allows the safe usage of the SuperTruss – the highest capacity receiver hitch extension for towing with a truck camper.

If your truck can haul it, SuperHitch can handle it.  Find the perfect SuperHitch for your rig here

SuperTruss extension

SuperHitch is specially designed to work with Torklift International’s SuperTruss receiver extension.  Available in eight lengths from 21” to 60”, SuperTruss allows safe truck camper towing with campers up to 12 feet in length.  SuperTruss is capable of hauling an industry leading 12,000 pounds tow weight and 1,200 pounds tongue weight with a 48” receiver extension. 

Both SuperHitch and SuperTruss are made in the USA and backed by Torklift’s Lifetime Warranty.

SuperHitch and SuperTruss make truck camper towing easy.  To find the SuperHitch and SuperTruss combination you need to Get Out And Go truck camper towing your way, visit Torklift Central today. 

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