Cargo trays are one of those no-brainer products that make everything better when you go on a trip. 

Looking for more vehicle luggage storagethat won’t suck your gas tank dry?  

Here’s how cargo trays make life even more enjoyable on the road: 

There’s only so much stuff you can fit on top of your car.  Regardless of what you manage to strong-arm up there your gas mileage is going to take a hit as much as your back will during loading and unloading. 

A cargo tray is great camping supply
Cargo trays on the other hand don’t require that you lift any of your luggage much higher than your waist during loading and unloading.  Better still, your gas mileage is not negatively impacted by having cargo on top of your vehicle as the trays do not negatively impact your vehicle aerodynamics.

Let’s face it - if you go on a camping trip or just travel for a long distance you are going to accumulate some stinky luggage along the way.  It’s not your fault – stinky happens when you Get Out And Go. But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it.  A cargo tray is the perfect place to store all your stinky, dirty and otherwise unmentionable items outside your vehicle where they belong. 

No matter how much you try to pack light on your next trip, history dictates you’ll still find yourself wishing you had more space inside your vehicle.  It’s a mystery of the cosmos that can easily be counteracted with the addition of a cargo tray.  Imagine being able to see out the side and back windows of your vehicle where luggage crammed to the headliner would otherwise create dangerous blind spots.  Yes – a cargo tray can be a safety feature.  

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