We’ve all seen the pickup truck driving down the road with a trailer hitch hanging down below the bumper that’s so rusty you feel like you need a tetanus shot just from looking at it.  When trailer hitches and other metal parts such as this aren’t finished with a quality powder coat they’re much more likely to age terribly with corrosion and rust.  On exposed trailer hitches and metal parts this issue is an especially noticeable eyesore.

Every EcoHitch Torklift Central manufactures is finished with our high quality powder coat to protect the hitch for the life of your vehicle.  The same powder coat is available for your next custom metal job.

Here is why Torklift Central offers custom high-impact powder coat services for wheels, brake calipers, car parts, motorcycle parts, gates and any custom metal work project you can think of:  

Moisture is the enemy of metals

Rust can take over metal surfaces if not prevented

Moisture is the magic ingredient that rust and corrosion need to grow and damage metals.  That’s why two steps of our powder coat process are dedicated to heating the parts in ovens to remove moisture:

Stage 3
Pre-Dry Oven
The pre-dry oven heats parts to 320 degrees to remove moisture and heat the parts to an optimal temperature to adhere with the powder coat. 

Stage 5
Cure Oven
The high efficiency, clean burning, gas fired cure oven heats parts to 420 degrees for 30 minutes to cure the powder coat and to liquefy the powder to ensure maximum adhesion to the parts. It removes excess moisture that can cause imperfections in the final seal and bakes the powder coat to its final finish.  

Moisture, debris and chemicals on the roadways cause rust
The roadways are coated with grime and debris that accumulates on the metal parts of your car during travel.  The longer you drive the more gunk your vehicle is exposed to.  The gunk becomes a place that moisture is stored and can cause rust and corrosion to quickly develop without the protection of a powder coat finish.  
Car paint corrosion caused by roadway debris

Your trailer hitch and other custom metal parts are not delicate flowers.  They’re meant to withstand the rigors of day-to-day travel.  Along the way these parts are bound to be scuffed and scraped by rocks and everything else that kicks up off the road during travel.

Without a high quality powder coat, scuffs and scrapes develop that expose the raw material of your vehicle’s metal parts.  This creates an opening for moisture to enter and begin the rusting and corrosion process. 

Our custom powder coat and custom metal work go hand in hand 

When you come to Torklift Central you have access to a one-stop facility for custom welding and custom fabrication that is protected with our custom powder coat services.  If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.  With cutting edge 3D printing and scanning, we take your design or create one for you in 3D so you can see exactly what the finished job will look like.  Our CNC plasma cutting tables, laser and water jet make the most accurate cuts possible to the metal of your choice to bring the rendering to life.  
Our team of certified welders has years of real-world experience under their belts to finish any job with a handcrafted touch that will impress even the most experienced metal worker.

Car guys welcome

Your classic vehicle is an investment
We get it – your classic vehicle is your baby.  The number one way you can protect your classic car and custom vehicle projects from deteriorating into permanent lawn ornaments is to stop rust and corrosion before it starts.  If your classic car is already showing signs of severe rust, it’s not too late!  
Torklift Central’s custom welding and custom metal work capabilities can repair portions of your car that are already rusted.  With the ability to weld and repair just about any type of metal you can think of, we can refurbish metal surfaces to where they are ready to accept our high-impact powder coat to protect the parts for years to come.  If you need metal sandblasting services to remove rust, we do that.  If a part is rusted all the way through to where it needs to be patched with a new metal, we can handle that as well.

Once the body and parts of your vehicle are repaired to the point where they look like new again, we can take the next step to finish them with a powder coat that doesn’t just protect the metal; it makes it shine to show quality.

Custom wheels before powder coat

Of course, your custom, aftermarket and stock parts don’t have to be rusted to take a trip down our powder coat conveyor line.  If you’ve just bought a new part that you’d like to take to the next level of style and protection, our high-impact glossy, semi gloss, mat, or flat powder coat finish is just what you’re looking for.

Custom wheels after powder coat

Make no mistake – custom powder coat is not just a protective service.  It can also make any part turn heads wherever you go with your new high impact powder coat finish.  Torklift Central is able to finish your parts with a glossy finish available in any color you please.  All you have to do is select the color that matches your stylistic needs and we’ll handle the rest.

Candy apple red finish, one of hundreds of custom colors

And guess what?  Once that great looking new custom part leaves our facility you can rest assured that it’s also as resilient to rust, corrosion and all the potential imperfections that would otherwise lead to premature wear and tear.

Powder coat protects the strength of your parts

No part is too small or insignificant to be protected and stylized by our powder coat system.  Some of the smallest parts on your vehicle or custom job are the most crucial to keeping the entire assembly functioning properly.  For example, if you have a bracket on your custom utility rack for your truck that helps support a large portion of the loads you carry, should the bracket fail due to rust and corrosion the entire rack could be severely damaged.  That is not an expense you need to deal with.  Instead, protecting such parts with a powder coat can help ensure that the part and entire rack is resilient to the rigors of continued day to use.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  A high quality powder coat does have true value when it comes to securing the structural integrity of parts that you count on to keep you and your possessions safe.

Protect any metal part with our custom powder coat services at Torklift Central.

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