Torklift Central performs trailer coupler repair

It’s easy to take for granted how crucial a properly functioning trailer coupler is to safe towing.  Necessary trailer coupler repair is noticed too often after an accident has occurred.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Torklift Central’s coupler repair and replacement service takes your rusty, old, unsafe coupler and makes it good as new or better! 

Here is how to now if you need trailer coupler maintenance or trailer coupler replacement:

Rust and corrosion 

New trailer coupler 

Rust and corrosion of any sort is a definite sign that it’s time to take a serious look at your coupler.  If the housing in which your trailer hitch ball is held in place by the coupler is rusting, there may be a greater issue at hand than surface rust that you might otherwise pay little attention to.  Your trailer hitch ball needs to be able to swivel within the housing of your trailer coupler while handling the full load of your trailer without detriment from rust and corrosion.

Should the metal within the trailer coupler housing begin to rust, the surface that the trailer ball comes in contact with is compromised more and more as the rust eats away at the metal.  If trailer coupler rust repair is not performed in due time, soon the coupler will be unfit for travel and a serious safety risk.

Coupler alignment may be necessary

Connectivity issues 
When you hook up your trailer to your vehicle it’s important to note if your trailer coupler is causing you frustrating connectivity issues.   If you have your trailer hitch ball lined up properly with your trailer coupler and it is still exceedingly difficult to secure the coupler, the coupler may be to blame. Take notice if your trailer hitch coupler continually jams while connecting to your trailer or just wont accept the trailer hitch ball easily despite your best efforts.  These are signs that your coupler may be worn and in need of refurbishment of its moving parts, trailer coupler alignment or need to be replaced completely.

Adjust your jaws
In addition to coupler alignment, another important aspect of coupler maintenance is adjustability where the coupler jaw clamps onto the trailer hitch ball.

Why is the jaw clamp important? There are two scenarios.

Heeerrreeee's Brucey! 

The power within shark jaws has an immense impact on whatever’s caught in its often-fatal grip. In the same sense, the coupler may cause damage from an adjustment that’s too tight on a trailer ball. Once the damage is done, it is extremely difficult to latch and unlatch from the trailer ball.

If you’ve seen the Disney flick Finding Nemo, you know that Bruce the shark also has a soft side. Not only is this a downfall for him, but it’s a downfall for you too when it comes to coupler adjustment. If the adjustment of the jaw clamp is too loose, the trailer coupler can literally pop off of the ball and cause an accident. Thanks a lot, Bruce.

To ensure that the coupler is properly latched onto the trailer ball, try this simple test:

  1. Lock/latch the trailer coupler onto the trailer ball
  2. By using the trailer’s tongue jack, jack the trailer upward
  3. With this motion, try to make the coupler release the ball as well as the back of the tow vehicle

Checking this is an easy way to give you peace of mind that the coupler won't accidentally allow the trailer to detach from the tow vehicle when it encounters large bumps in the road.  Your trailer coupler should withstand the quick upward force caused by adverse road conditions.

Torklift Central performs 
custom welding 

Torklift Central specializes in custom metal fabrication, custom powder coating to protect any metal and custom welding.  If your trailer hitch coupler is rusting or corroding, we can assess if metal repairs may be able to correct the issue and put you back on the road without having to replace your coupler.  We can also assess if your coupler simply needs to be replaced or aligned.

Whether you are looking for weld on, bolt on, or surge couplers, we have what you’re looking for.

If you need trailer coupler repair, refurbishment or replacement, contact Torklift Central today.

Get Out And Go trailering your way with Torklift Central!

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