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Torklift Central completely outfits motorhomes and towed vehicles for dinghy towing.  Since we opened our doors in 1976 we’ve heard just about every question in the book from our customers about how to dinghy tow safely.

Here are five of the most commonly asked dinghy towing questions we receive and the answers you need to know:

1. Do I need an auxiliary braking system?

Disc brake
Yes. Most states require by law that your dinghy tow rig is equipped with an auxiliary braking system. Even if brakes are not required in your state, you are under the state laws of whatever state you may be traveling through. Installing an auxiliary braking system ensures your motorhome brakes safely during normal and emergency situations. Read more about auxiliary braking systems here.

You can also check out the different states and their towing laws at

2. Should I get progressive or proportional auxiliary brakes? 

SMI Air Force One 
We always recommend installing an auxiliary braking system with proportional braking capability such as the SMI Air Force One.  Proportional auxiliary braking systems enable your towed vehicle to brake exactly as you do in your motorhome.  Progressive braking systems slowly ramp up braking pressure in your towed vehicle to a preset maximum braking level.  Because of this proportional auxiliary braking systems are the safest system available.  

3. What’s the difference between all of my tow bar options? 

Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain
Besides weight ratings the main difference is quality and functionality.  You can eliminate the frustration of having your tow bar bind and jam when trying to attach and detach your towed vehicle from your motorhome with tow bars such as the Roadmaster Falcon All-Terrain. The All-Terrain is equipped with non-binding technology that allows the tow bar to release and engage with the flip of a lever. 

4. Is my vehicle flat towable?  

Check out our app today!

Download Torklift Central’s Tow App to see if your vehicle is flat towable or may require dinghy towing accessories to allow it to be dinghy towed safely.  Never dinghy tow your vehicle until you are fully aware of the procedures that must be taken.  Failure to do so can total your vehicle and cause deadly accidents.  

5. Is my motorhome rated to tow my vehicle?

This is a question not enough people ask.  Nearly 75% of Americans overload the frame of their motorhome while dinghy towing.  The reason for this is that most motorhomes are built on an elongated truck chassis that have a weak connection point created in a process called “butt welding” where an extra length of chassis is added.  This invalidates the original chassis manufacturer’s tow weight ratings.  
Torklift Central corrects this common issue with a motorhome chassis frame upgrade.
If you’re getting ready to go dinghy towing and have more questions to ask, give us a call, shoot us an email or visit us at Torklift Central.  We have the answers and the expertise to get you on the road safely for years to come.  
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