Everyone loves that deep truck growl!

Tired of paying tons of money on fuel and your engine not living up to it’s full potential? Adding new performance exhaust systems and cool air intake systems will help unleash the hidden power in your engine. While cold air intake systems and performance exhaust systems are two separate entities, they are both used for similar things: to get better fuel mileage and bolstering horsepower.

When you put the pedal down and get pushed back against the seat, you can feel the increase in power. A performance exhaust system and cold air intake give this to you and are the best bang for your truck accessory buying buck. Below are some of our top picks for aftermarket exhaust systems and cold air intake systems and why you should consider getting one or both of them.

Cold Air Intake 
Considered one of the most effective and least expensive methods of increasing not only your horsepower but your fuel economy as well, adding a high quality cold air intake system is a great idea for your car. Your factory air intake system has a head cold along with the symptom of restricted breathing. A cold air intake system is the cold medicine that your factory system needs because it allows cool air to be sucked into the engine for combustion, making the denser air flow through it and allows your engine to breathe. This brings more oxygen into the combustion chamber which means more horsepower for your truck.

K&N Performance Filters 

The best performance air filters that we suggest are K&N performance filters. Guaranteed for one million miles, the K&N air filter has a large conical open element to increase the horsepower you can feel and also increases the service life before a cleaning is required. This street legal intake system is also designed to be an easy install that can be done within 90 minutes with a screwdriver, ratchet-set and pliers.

Performance Exhausts 
Everyone loves to hear a throaty exhaust drive by and with a new performance exhaust system you can have just that! Instead of using your current inefficient stock exhaust you can instead install an aftermarket exhaust that will help you get some serious horsepower and torque, distinctive growling exhaust sound and improved fuel economy. At Torklift Central we do all kinds of aftermarket exhaust installations for major aftermarket performance exhaust kits including Afe, Flowmaster, Dynomax, Borla and Banks.

The Monster Exhaust built by Banks

The Banks Performance Exhaust System gives your truck a signature throaty exhaust while increasing both power and fuel economy and flows up to 80% better than stock exhausts. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) the Monster Exhaust is engineered to lower tailpipe temperatures much more than stock while simultaneously improving flow and cutting backpressure which is pressure opposed to the desired flow of a fluid in a pipe. Some other great features of the Banks Monster Exhaust include:
Slashes backpressure and doubles or even triples exhaust flow
Built specifically for your year, make and model truck
100% pure stainless steel construction
Includes a free-flowing, straight-through, polished stainless steel     Monster muffler
Topped off with a double-wall polished stainless steel tip
Easily mounts to stock locations and clears spare tires, shocks and brake lines
Kits available in turbo-back, cat-back, downpipe-back or DPF-back (depending on vehicle)
Includes tubes, clamps, hangers and all required hardware

Whether you’re looking for more fuel economy or pulling power or you simply want to blow everyone away with an awesome sounding truck, our exhaust systems and cold air intake systems give your engine more bite. Unleash your engine’s beast within by upgrading to performance exhausts and performance filters.

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