2015 logo for the Annual Turkey Challenge

During the holiday season most of us sit down to share a warm meal with family and friends while hundreds of families in our community have to stand in a line outside two days prior to Thanksgiving in hopes of receiving food from the Kent Food Bank. If supplies run out, they will be turned away empty handed. In order to give these families a memorable Thanksgiving, the community can join together in a holiday food drive with the 5th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge from October 5th-November 20th, 2015.

Below is a description of the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge, a brief history of the event, some big things that are happening this year for the competition and more.

What is the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge? 

Dropping off donations to the Kent Food Bank in 2014

Every year the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge in Kent, Wash. grows in popularity and competition between the local businesses and organizations involved. A friendly race, the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge is to see who can collect and raise the most food and monetary donations for the Kent Food Bank. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this charity are given to local Kent families that are combating hunger and poverty during the holiday season. We will drop off boxes for donations on October 5th-6th and then pick up all donations on November 19th-20th.

Turkey Challenge In the Past
Over the past four years, donations to the Kent Food Bank from the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge total $56,560 and 16,804 pounds of food, feeding thousands families that would otherwise go without a Thanksgiving meal. 2014’s Turkey Challenge winners:

Ski's Painting President Mike Barrett
accepting award in 2014


  1. Torklift Central: $4,630
  2. Ski’s Painting Inc: $4,126
  3. Eberle Vivian: $3,610
  4. Kent United Methodist: $2,323
  5. Great American Casino: $1,460


  1. Seattle/Tacoma KOA: 2,830 cans
  2. Ski’s Painting, Inc.: 2,755 cans 
  3. Springbrook Elementary School: 1,873 cans
  4. Kent Valley Hockey Association: 691 cans
  5. Grass Lake Elementary School:  626 cans

Things to Expect This Year 
There are some really awesome things going on this year for the City of Kent and the annual Turkey Challenge. Below is a list of some of the events, ads and newsletters that are celebrating and sharing the news of the challenge this year:

Torklift President Jack Kay accepting recognition
from State Rep. Adam Smith
  • April 30th, 2015: Torklift Central was awarded recognition by State Representative Adam Smith and the state of Washington for the Annual Kent Turkey Challenge
  • The Kent City Council and Mayor Suzette Cooke will announce an official proclamation of the Turkey Challenge at the City Council meeting on Oct. 20th at 7 p.m. at City Hall
  • The Seattle-Tacoma Box Company is donating boxes for this year’s competition
  • Make sure you check out www.ILoveKent.net, they are running an ad and writing an editorial for this year’s challenge 
  • Both the Kent Chamber of Commerce and Kent Downtown Partnership are sharing the Turkey Challenge in their newsletters, so keep an eye out for them
  • The Kent Reporter is doing weekly ads for the Challenge and will be spotlighting the top five leaders of the competition each week

We at Torklift Central will list every contributing organization on the leader board on our Turkey Challenge page, located here. We will also have a counter of the total contributions the community has collected on the Turkey Challenge page.

We need your support!

We need your help to fill the boxes! 

Torklift Central asks for your support to make the 5th Annual Kent Turkey Challenge the most effective to date. As a community service, this is an opportunity for us to make a lasting positive impact in the lives of families that are searching for hope during the holiday season and making it so no one is turned away from the Kent Food Bank because of lack of food.

It’s also a great way for businesses to have a friendly competition with each other while also being involved with fundraising and a food drive.

With your help, we can reach our fifth anniversary goal that every family in our community will be able to share a special holiday meal and that no household should have to go hungry on Thanksgiving.

To fight hunger with us and participate in this Kent food drive, please contact Katie at: [email protected] or at 253-720-1969.

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