Darn it - there are 31 states requiring a front license plate in the United States and you probably live in one of them or take the occasional road trip through one of them. One thing I do know - you don’t want to drill into the front-end of your Tesla Model Y to mount a license plate.

You’ve got various choices available to you to mount your Tesla Model Y front license plate but I would like to tell you five reasons you want The Law front license plate bracket above the other options available.

Reason #1 - Designed only for Tesla Model Y

We’ve been crafting no-hole license plate mounts for Tesla since 2012. Each license plate mount is carefully designed to be unique to each Tesla model. We opted not to carry-over license plate bracket designs between Tesla models to avoid excessive protrusion of the license plate bracket. This Tesla Model Y license plate bracket does not come into contact with the bumper but also avoids protruding outward to avoid disrupting the look for your Model Y.

Reason #2 - Comes with a real lifetime warranty

A warranty is important because it indicates whether a company truly stands behind their product or not. Our Legendary Lifetime Warranty is exactly that - it is our 45 year old reputation on the line. We do not offer a “limited lifetime warranty” because our warranty is the real thing - we want you to be happy with your buying decision and if you don’t like it - we don’t like it either. We are grateful for our customers and will always take care of you.

Reason #3 - Free Shipping

That’s right - an added bonus - free shipping just for you on each and every Law license plate bracket.

Reason #4 - It’s available now

Our team is power sliding across the finish line as I am typing this to get this license plate holder prepared for ordering. During our initial product release, these are ready to go within seven days - so take advantage of that now while you can. Just this week our team searched far and wide for a Tesla Model Y they could borrow and found one. We brought it into our Retail Product Development Center for custom designing, fitment and fabrication and within just a few days - finalized our design.

Reason #5 - You asked us for it

Several years ago when we first began designing products for the Tesla community we were invited to TMC Connect in California. At that conference we met with many Tesla owners and soon-to-be Tesla owners and had the incredible opportunity to attend seminars to listen to key influencers in the tech industry. This event lit our heart ablaze and we are ever-grateful for the time we were given to learn about what is important to the core of a Tesla owner. Thank you for welcoming us into your world.


There are always options available in the automotive market. We hope that if we have the opportunity to work with you, you will allow us to show you our level of customer service, our care and our love for the Tesla community. One more thing - for a limited time, you can get the Tesla Model Y no hole license plate bracket at a specially discounted rate while it is on pre-sale. Don’t delay - this offer won’t last long!

One last thing!

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