When we read how much the Tesla Model Y can tow - we were really excited because we are faced with the latest design challenge of creating a tow hitch for another Tesla model.

Debuted first Tesla hitch in 2012

We’ve been designing trailer hitches for Tesla since 2012 with the debut of the Tesla Roadster so building a Tesla Model Y hitch is something we have been looking forward to.

The design process

We were able to borrow a brand new Tesla Model Y this week and in less than five days our design, engineering and fabrication teams have developed the Tesla Model Y tow hitch featuring the Invisi EcoHitch design - and even better, it won’t cost $1,000 and it’s backed by 45 years in the trailer hitch industry.

With tens of thousands of EcoHitches on the road today, we hope to add confidence with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty behind this hitch.

 Tesla Model Y tow hitch specs

Our engineering and design team has rated this tow hitch at 3,500 towing capacity and 350 tongue weight capacity. Tongue weight capacity is related to the weight at the receiver which would include your bike rack and bikes or other cargo.


The Tesla Model Y tow hitch does not have to cost you $1,000. In fact, Torklift Central EcoHitch is offering a limited time pre-sale on the Tesla Model Y EcoHitch. Check out the limited time pricing here.

One last thing!

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