Front license plates, bane of automobile owners everywhere. Nobody wants to ruin the aesthetics of their beautifully designed Tesla, yet in the same breath, nobody wants the $200 or higher fine that can be issued if stopped by a police officer. A question you may be asking:

How many states require front license plates?

At the time of this article, there are currently 31 states requiring their motorists to display front and rear license plates on their vehicle. Not having a front license plate displayed is considered a primary offense in some areas and can lead to citation. Check out the map below to see if your state is one of those 31. 

Unfortunately for Model Y owners in those 31 states, a Tesla license plate frame does not come ready to go on these cars. Fortunately for those same Model Y owners, Torklift has your back, (or should I say front?) covered.

Why do Teslas not have license plates?

Tesla does provide new owners with a front license plate holder, though the install requires additional drilling and a lot of owners would prefer not to drill into their brand new vehicle. Let’s be honest; the Tesla was designed very specifically and nobody wants a front license plate to break up the lines and ruin the aesthetic of their vehicle. However, if you are residing in one of the 31 and you must have front license plate on display, why not go with an attractive, no-drill, easy to install option?

Why go with Torklift?

Torklift Central is very happy to offer the Law for the Model Y, a front license plate holder for your Tesla. We’ve been operating for over 45 years and have been making our line of Law license plate brackets since 2012. It is vehicle specific product; designed and engineered particularly for your Model Y. This all equates to an easy to install, no drill application that won’t compromise the look of your Tesla nor will it leave you with holes permanently drilled into your vehicles bumper. Best of all, like all Torklift products, it is backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty.

How to attach a front license plate to your Tesla.

There may be some of you wondering, “Just how easy can the LAW install be?” To those people I would reply with, “Quite easy, actually.” I can’t imagine anyone on this globe of ours would consider yours truly a good mechanic, but if I can install the bracket, I’m confident anyone can. Best of all everything needed to install comes with the kit, no extra tools are needed. It’s a nice and neat 4 step process; once you have your two brackets installed, it’s just a matter of attaching your license plate to its included holder and attaching it to the front license plate holder. Bada-bing bada-boom, your plate is installed.

Don't be a Bandit, obey the Law!

When going with a part made by Torklift, you’re not just getting a quality, US made product. You’re also getting the decades of engineering and top-notch customer service that come with it. We know there are alternate options available to Model Y owners, but if given the opportunity, we look forward to showing our appreciation and love for the Tesla community.

Written by Andrew T:
Andrew is a talented writer, aspiring musician, self proclaimed nerd and optimistic daydreamer. He has been with Torklift since 2016 and he’s come to discover the joy in helping others.