Did you just upgrade cars? Move to a new state? You may have a few questions about your Mustang GT500 from, “Do I purchase new tires? To, “How do I mount a front license plate without causing any unsightly damage? Or maybe, “Do I even need a front license plate in the state that I live in?” Well, keep reading to get answers to your questions!

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Do you need a license plate on the front of your vehicle?

The question on everyone’s mind: Do I or do I not NEED a front mounted license plate? Did you know, there are 30 states that require a front license plate to be displayed on your vehicle? Avoid an up to $200 fine in states where license plates are required to be displayed on your Mustang GT500. If you drive a Ford Mustang GT500 – you might not care about the cost of the ticket – but you do care about the inconvenience of being stopped? Time is money and The Law costs less than the price of a ticket! Not sure if your state requires a front license plate to be mounted on your vehicle? Take a look at this map to see if your state requires a front license plate on your Mustang GT500.

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How do you put a license plate on the front without holes?

Drilling into the front bumper and permanently modifying your Ford Mustang GT500 causes damage. By installing the LAW for your Mustang, there is no need to damage your bumper as the LAW is a complete bolt on application for your Mustang GT500. No holes to be drilled! Our fantastic engineering team took their time to make sure that license plate looked just as good as you do in your car!

For more information on our GT500 front license plate, see it here:

What is the benefit from buying the LAW?

First off, it’s easy to install. Your time is valuable and our offering is a quick, street legal remedy. There is no drilling needed, so put those power tools back in their drawer! Secondly, this LAW is completely made in the USA, with Aircraft grade aluminum all locally sourced. Make sure your American Made Mustang GT500 stays true to its nature, with American made products. Thirdly, the Mustang GT500 LAW comes with our Legendary Lifetime Warranty. We believe in our products so much, that we make warranty problems a thing of the past!

Written by Jenna R:
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