As a Maserati owner, you strive to be distinguished and aim to hold yourself to a certain level of sophistication. The look, the brands, the schedule, your hobbies, your job; it all comes together for a particular image that is very important to your day-to-day activity. The last situation you want to find yourself dealing with is your time being wasted.

Time is one thing you will never be able to get back and we want you to avoid having those issues. In the US, 30 states require you to have a front license plate. Whether you find yourself in New York, or California, etc, your Levante is going to being drawing people’s attention, especially the eyes of police officers. While a $200 fine here and there isn’t a huge issue financially, wouldn’t it be better to not be known as the local bandit running around plate-less? We at Torklift want you to save your time and would like to introduce you to The Law.

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Why bother with this??

Our Law will help make sure you and your Maserati are able to move around freely within state regulations, all without any drilling or modifications being done to your car. With an Easy No-Drill install that is quicker than a traffic stop, it’s a smart investment for your wallet, but more importantly, your time. Maserati is all about a sleek and minimalist design, and we want to maintain that philosophy for your vehicle.

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Why Torklift?

Torklift designed this at our Retail Product Development Center with an actual Maserati Levante so you can be assured that it will fit like a glove.

Torklift is a family-owned company, and as with anything family related, we intend to treat you as such.

We separate ourselves from similar companies by providing personal and genuine customer service; and we take pride in that. Not to mention our Laws are hand crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum and come with stainless steel hardware. We finish it off with high impact powder coat making it durable for any weather condition. To top it all off, we have our Legendary Lifetime Warranty to make sure you’re being taken care of at the drop of a dime. 

Check out more details about the Maserati Levante front license plate here:

If you live in any of these states shown below, you may want to consider getting The Law on your side.

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Written by Hunter O:
Hunter has been with Torklift since 2018 and is currently expanding his scope of business operations. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his pets, playing video games, going snowboarding, and considers himself slightly funny amongst a small group of people