Reason for Getting a Sprinter Van

         Going out on trips with your friends and family are important times to share with one another. More than likely the reason why you decided to make a purchase on this Mercedes Van was to either carry a lot of people or a lot of stuff all at once. We all have experienced the worst part of getting ready for a trip which is packing; especially when you are trying to do it in a single vehicle. Everyone knows how much stuff a family member can bring on a vacation. Add on top of that being capable of carrying up to 15 people in the biggest of Sprinter models and it can get out of hand, fast. Space is always going to be an issue, and that’s where we come to assist. We want to make sure you are able to maximize your vehicles efficiency with our Mercedes-Benz trailer hitch.

What does this do?

         With our hitch, you can increase your van’s carrying capacity, especially when it comes to large objects such as racks and generator trays. Now, our Mercedes Sprinter tow hitch has a carrying capacity of 525 pounds and a pulling capacity a 3,500 pounds. These numbers will allow you to use any 2 inch insert on your hitch for whatever you may need! Another use would be moving trailers around – which is way easier than backing your trailer.

It’s also easily accessible so your Mercedes Sprinter front hitch won’t be needing any modifications once installed. Not only does our low-profile hitch maintain the sleek design of your Mercedes, but it also allows your Sprinter van to maintain its ground clearance. With your Mercedes trailer hitch, not only will you be maximizing your vehicles carrying capacity, but the amount of space people will have during the ride as well.

Can I install this myself?

         Absolutely! In order to get your Mercedes-Benz trailer hitch installation started, I recommend grabbing yourself some Torx screwdrivers (having an extra set of hands definitely helps), and using the provided instructions and hardware, you can knock it out in an afternoon. With some bumper removal and hardware fishing, your Mercedes hitch install is finished. You now have access to your Mercedes-Benz hitch! These installation steps are simplified for your reading pleasure. To learn further technical details on the EcoHitch instructions please send us a request here.

Final thoughts

         Our goal when designing this product was to follow suit with the Sprinters’ purpose of carrying as much stuff as possible in a single vehicle. On that same note, it is a Mercedes-Benz product which we are aware holds a level of class which we aim to maintain with the low-profile design. With all of that in mind, we always strive to maximize the strength of our products as much as we can so you can apply most 2-inch fitments without worry.


  • Design is complimentary to your Sprinter Van’s front end and this front hitch fits right under your grill – only the receiver is visible
  • Available in 2 inch class 3 front receiver hitch style
  • Never modify your front hitch receiver again – this receiver is not recessed so deep into the grill that you have to modify your accessories including racks and trays in order to reach the receiver which is the norm with other front hitch brands
  • No loss of airflow - this front receiver hitch is uniquely designed to avoid interference
  • No-drill design - this front Sprinter trailer hitch bolts directly to the frame using pre-existing bolt holes
  • Front hitch design is crafted only for your vehicle - no excessive protruding
  • Rated for 525 pounds tongue weight and 3,500 pounds pulling
  • Engineered to meet stringent national SAE J684 towing safety standards for front hitches
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Legendary Lifetime Warranty

Applications include:

2013 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2014 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2015 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2016 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2017 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2018 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2019 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2020 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2021 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

2022 Mercedes Sprinter front hitch

*Fits van body and cab & chassis models including sprinter based RV's