The winter season is in full effect! Is your truck snow ready? At Torklift Central, we specialize in all things truck and trailer. Visit us now for all winter truck essentials.


Torklift Central can help you upgrade or replace your vehicle’s factory lighting. There are several options for upgraded lighting, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages – don’t worry! The experts at Torklift Central can guide you in the right direction.

LED lights are efficient at turning electricity into visible light, produce very little heat, and are very durable – they have a working life of 25,000 – 100,000 hours. LED headlights continue to work at maximum capacity even in colder temperatures.

HID lamps are much more energy efficient compared to regular incandescent lamps. HID lamps are also much more durable with an average working life of 2,000 hours compared to the 500-800 working hours of an incandescent halogen bulb.

Onspot Chains

The Onspot Automatic Tire Chain System is a snowy day essential. The system gives you the traction of conventional snow chains but conveniently engages and disengages with the simple flip of a switch. This automatic system is designed to work best on ice, packed snow and up to six inches of snow and it works in forward, reverse, or while braking in either direction.


Installing a snowplow may seem like a hefty investment right off the bat, however, the installation of snow removal equipment can be extremely helpful for both personal use as well as commercial use. Torklift Central is the expert in all things truck and trailer – we will guide you in your snowplow purchase, from the shape of the plow, to the material, to the installation, to evaluating your plow vehicle. Plus, we will walk you through how to use the plow and be right there for you if you ever have any questions after you’ve left us.


Don’t worry about getting yourself stuck in a difficult situation. Whether your vehicle is stuck in mud, water, or in an area that your tires aren’t getting any traction (AKA snow!). Call up Torklift Central and we’ll get you set up and give you complete peace of mind.

Salt Spreader

As a truck owner, your vehicle gets put through the ringer. Why not take full advantage of your vehicles capabilities and have it help you control ice and snow. Install a salt spreader to turn your truck into an ice-melting machine and ensure safety on the road.  


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