When it comes to enhancing the versatility of your Infiniti QX60, Torklift Central has the perfect solution - the Ecohitch®. This innovative trailer hitch is designed to provide seamless towing capabilities without compromising one of the QX60's standout features: the kick sensor. Let’s delve into the unique advantages of the trailer hitch for the Infiniti QX60, highlighting its unmatched compatibility with the kick sensor and its versatility for a wide range of towing needs.

Kick Sensor Compatibility:

The Ecohitch® is not just a trailer hitch; it's a game-changer for QX60 owners who value both towing capacity and convenience. Unlike other hitches on the market, the Infiniti QX60 EcoHitch® is meticulously crafted to allow unimpeded access to the kick sensor, ensuring that the advanced technology of your QX60 remains fully functional even with the hitch installed.

The kick sensor, a standout feature of the Infiniti QX60, allows for hands-free access to the rear cargo area. Whether your hands are full with groceries or you're loading up for a family road trip, the kick sensor provides a hassle-free way to open the liftgate. With the Ecohitch®, you can enjoy the benefits of this technology without compromise. This trailer hitch is strategically designed to avoid interference with the kick sensor, making it the only hitch on the market that provides this level of compatibility.

Versatility Beyond Towing:

While the Infiniti QX60 EcoHitch® excels in towing capabilities, its versatility extends beyond conventional trailers. This trailer hitch opens up a world of possibilities for QX60 owners, allowing them to effortlessly attach bike racks, cargo trays, and other accessories. Whether you're an avid cyclist, a road-trip enthusiast, or simply in need of extra cargo space, the QX60 EcoHitch® has you covered.

Best-in-Class Design: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the Ecohitch® seamlessly integrates with the sleek design of the Infiniti QX60. Its Stealth design maintains the vehicle's aesthetic appeal while ensuring optimal performance in various towing scenarios by featuring a stainless steel receiver that is 100% removable when not in use. The hitch is engineered to meet the highest standards, providing QX60 owners with peace of mind knowing they have a reliable and functional towing solution.

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