Tragically, if your Subaru XV Crosstrek isn’t equipped with an EcoHitch you may be less likely to Get Out and Go Your Way.  These are the five most common mishaps that occur when endeavoring to enjoy your Crosstrek’s capability to the fullest – without an EcoHitch. 

Running Out Of Space
Admitting you don’t have room in your Crosstrek for all your stuff when you Get Out and Go is the first step toward admitting you need a trailer hitch.  It might not happen today, or tomorrow even, but eventually you will find yourself outdoors somewhere wishing you had brought more toys and supplies along.  
Buying A Substandard Trailer Hitch
Not all trailer hitches are created equal. Other trailer hitch manufacturers offer XV Crosstrek hitches that require drilling into the frame, hang noticeably below the bumper, and very well may have been constructed by a team of robots in a foreign land far far away.  
EcoHitch® for Subaru XV Crosstrek requires absolutely no drilling, is completely hidden behind the rear fog-light knockout panel, is manufactured in the USA, and is hand crafted with care.  Every EcoHitch design has been stress and fatigue tested with our SolidWorks FEA (finite element analysis) and approved by our certified engineering department.   
There are plenty of other Subaru XV Crosstrek owners out there who experience all their vehicles have to offer with EcoHitch.®  Don’t succumb to Subie envy – join the fun!
Fog-Light Knockout Panel Neglect

In Europe the Subaru XV Crosstrek is required to have a fog-light on the rear bumper – not in the United States.  Instead we’re left with an empty space that remains utterly useless on far too many American XV Crosstrek’s.   EcoHitch gives it a hidden purpose.  

You’ll Be Less Likely To Get Out And Go
When you buy an XV Crosstrek, you’re not just paying for a vehicle, but for the experiences you’ll have with it.  EcoHitch is designed to help you Get Out and Go Your Way.
  • 350lbs tongue weight, 3,500lbs weight carrying
  • No drilling required
  • Bolt-on installation is quick and easy
  • Completely hidden design
  • Engineered with the model-specific aerodynamics of your vehicle in mind to complement its contours and airflow.
  • Made from high impact powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and steel
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Manufactured in Kent, WA U.S.A.
Get Out and Go Subie at Torklift Central!
To learn more about EcoHitch, send us an email at [email protected] or call 877-373-9195.