If you need to do some serious towing for reasons other than toting around a fifth wheel travel trailer, a gooseneck trailer hitch could be your perfect fit.  Gooseneck hitches are specially engineered to transform your truck into a heavy hauler, without sacrificing maneuverability.  This is how they work.

Like standard fifth wheel hitches, Gooseneck hitches are mounted over a truck axle to maximize towing capacity and stability, but unlike a fifth wheel hitch, gooseneck hitches are mounted under the truck’s bed.  The only portion of the hitch that appears in the truck’s cargo box is a fist-sized hitch ball. 

Better still, gooseneck trailer hitches such as the B&W Turnover Ball are able to convert back to a flat bed in seconds when not in use.


When not towing a trailer, the truck bed is virtually unaffected, yet ready to handle up to 30,000lbs towing and 7,500lbs tongue weight capacity at a moment’s notice. 
Torklift Centralcarries B&W gooseneck hitches for their market-leading quality, ability to connect directly to the existing holes in the frame of your truck, and simple bolt-on installation.
If that weren’t clever enough, gooseneck trailers are able to make significantly tighter turns than trailers that connect off the back of a tow vehicle, thanks to the extra distance between truck and trailer. 
For these unique qualities gooseneck hitches are especially popular amongst people who tow horse trailers, car haulers, agricultural trailers and utility trailers.

We always suggest towing a fifth wheel trailer with a hitch that is specifically engineered to securely handle the load, such as the B&W Companion. 
If you plan on trailering a serious load, but want to have the ability to convert to an empty truck bed with ease, a gooseneck hitch could be the obvious choice.     
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